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Community Updates

CombineControl V2.18 released!

Hey players, we released CombineControl version 2.18 change list to all the servers!

The list of the updates :

1. Vortigaunt will be able to eat beans and use cannanbis.
2. Added burrow option for headcrab.
3. Added the option to unchain slave vortigaunts with combine tech item.
4. You can apply now for CWU in-game via F3 ---> Combine tab.
5. Added new player models and clothing system.
6. Added refund of 20K for OWE suit and 15K for OW suit, you will also receive SQD suit, to receive the refund press on the item and click on 'Get Refund' button.
7. Updated COTA/CCA names.
8. Added crafting category of "Craft Now" that will show the items that you have their ingredients.
9. Removed Weapon Switching Delay system for now due the lags the system creates in the server when someone switching weapon.
When your character is switching weapons(with the exception of melee weapons) you must use the /me chat command, do not fail roleplay!

Event : The Quarantined City

Hey, CombineControl players!
Join CombineControl's Events server on Friday for an upcoming event; "The Quarantined City"!
You can expect it to begin between 19:00-20:00
Zone time: UTC 0
Date: Starting from the 12.01.2018 lasting until the 15.01.2018. This Event will last three days, so be sure to pop onto the Event Server during these days!
Good luck, folks!

More information about the event :

CombineControl Wallpaper (#1)

CombineControl Wallpaper (#1) : www.combinecontrol.com/forum/node/120801

CombineControl V2.17 released!

19-12-2017, 22:03
Hey players, we released CombineControl version 2.17 change list to all the servers!

The list of the updates :

1. APC health reduced from 2000 to 1000.
2. Updated prices of all items.
3. Reduced the prices for regular licenses.
4. Added in-game Discord overlay with the chat command /discord (console : Discord_ChatBox).
5. Auto-Kick for AFK has been disabled for staff members.
6. Removed in-game bleeding option.
7. Big changes to the gamemode mechanics.
8. Added RolePlay achievements(Press F8).
9. Added combine locks around industrial 17.
10. Added Leaning Mod(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1184751726) :

How to bind a key: bind <key_name> <command(s)>
Ex: bind m +dax_lean_left
Binds for hold lean: 1.
+dax_lean_left 2.
Binds for toggle lean: 1.
dax_toggle_left 2.

11. Removed diseases : Indigestion, Cold, Fever.
12. Removed Breen Chemicals notifications.
13. Updated the /pm /reply /a commands to use steam nick name instead of character name, Usage : /pm steamnick/steamid Message.
14. Added Housing Assignment tab to CWU high ranks and Logistics.
15. Housing assignment is fixed.

CombineControl Community-Wide Survey

Hello community members,

The high-management contrived a survey with an ultimate intention to evaluate: what can be changed or added to the community to improve its’ atmosphere. Hopefully, the form will allow the member to reflect upon, or even find unique and cognitive beliefs regarding CombineControl.
Our team did consider the idea that some community members might own some sort of discomfort whenever sharing controversial beliefs in public. Hence, we decided to establish individual submissions to guarantee that the responses are held confidential by selected staff members.
The community highly encourage the idea of deliberation and we firmly trust that reviewing the submitted surveys will allow the community reach an ultimate equilibrium.
Following two days after submitting the survey, the member will obtain one CombineControl point that can be redeemed for exclusive in-game content. So eventually, the member contributes and receives an award for doing it-- two gifts in one package.
Finally, make sure you provide sincere responses. After All, we’re trying to make the community a better place.
A single person can make a difference, but a group is capable of changing the world.

Do your part: www.combinecontrol.com/survey.php

Thank you,
CombineControl, High-Management.

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