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MAJOR Lore overhaul.

This will bring about MANY changes --->

Date : 2018-09-05 07:26:36pm


Lambda Resistance Rules of Engagement -
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Date : 2018-09-05 07:26:22pm

Today is CombineControl's 4th birthday!

Today is CombineControl's 4th birthday.
Join the server for a total of 45 minutes, and you'll receive the CombineControl birthday 4 badge, today only!

40% OFF on all donation packages! --->

Join the servers --->

The City: steam://connect/
The Outlands: steam://connect/

Date : 2018-09-05 07:26:07pm

Canals server removal

We have officially decided to remove the canals from CombineControl.
We have had the canals for years now, but ultimately, it may do more harm than good.

This is not because we can't afford it. The canals are not an issue to host. The issue is quality versus quantity. Roleplay communities do not benefit from being split into too many servers, and we can see how players seem to be split between the servers in CombineControl.

The canals will be shut down in 14 days, after which the city will connect directly to the outlands.

Date : 2018-08-03 09:52:22am

CombineControl V2.25 released!

Hey players, we have released CombineControl version 2.25 to all of our servers!

For this update, we've shifted to a focus on editing and improving the existing server content to keep both new and old content working optimally.

However, we're also glad to finally be back to the outlands! Our coast server has been changed to the outlands, as it once was. You can now return to Ineu Valley 2 and wander the forests again!
We have done a complete wipe of the permaprops in the map for performance reasons, and will be rebuilding key areas soon (with less spammed props this time!)

Below is the changelist:

New functionality:

Added Crude Ore and Wood buyer NPCs to the canals map.
Buffed the antlion guard NPCs - They now hit harder, fight better, and can summon regular antlions on first contact.
You can now toggle chat tick noises in the F3 settings.
Combine cameras will now go into alert mode when spotting an enemy, which sends a waypoint to the online units.
Radio messages will now play a background static noise between the on and off beeps.
We have added achievements for smashing supply crates as well as a special achievement for using a certain item.
Added a jalopy with a working radar to the vehicle dealers! (NOTE: The passenger seat is wonky. Try to enter from the front of the car, and if that doesn't work, the intended passenger must enter first and switch to seat #2 with VCMod).
Added beacons for rebel outposts in the coast.
Some coast supply crates are now beacon-tracked.
Added a configurable (and reusable!) beacon to the Black Market license.
Hunters can now break down doors.
Buffed the strider NPCs - They now fire more aggressively, can skewer the player, and will crouch to track hiding enemies.
Added Black Mesa SNPCs to the server. The Houndeye flag has been updated with a new model.
The server will now save the logout location of Civil Authority characters.
Added a special prison ration dispenser to the Nexus detainment area. This allows the Combine to give low-grade rations to inmates.
Added a search function to the CCA and Overwatch rosters for better management.
Made the Combine helicopter by their outlands base fly on a short patrol.
Re-enabled the +use function of most non-human flags for food and utility purposes. Just be sure to think IC to avoid failRP!

Quality-of-life fixes:

The AWM has been removed from the Black Market Dealer license, and all types of sniper ammunition have been removed from the ammo dealer. Expect to see these items as event rewards instead.
The AWM now uses the correct firing sound from Counter-Strike: Source.
Breaching charges now play the correct beeping noise used in the Half-Life 2 episodes (no content required).
The houndeye flag's sonic blast has been buffed.
Medigel vials and armor batteries now play sounds when used.
Updated supply crates to have 3 different types (ammo/medical/food).
Civil Protection can no longer ram open doors without meeting the stat requirement.
Added combat knives to the loadout of Civil Protection units.
Changed the Hunter movement speeds to resemble that of NPCs.
Changed the zombine SWEP sounds to grunts, and moved the dialogue to the context menu.
The zombine flag now walks at the correct NPC speed.
Changed the models of some gib items.
Hunters will now prowl when crouch-walking.
Added more silent footstep sounds for Hunters.
Nerfed the damage of melee weapons against NPCs only.
The Combine Sniper now has a lore-friendly model.
Added automatic idle sounds and picture-taking animations to scanners.
Changed the CCA Agent rank to Squad Officer, and changed their loadout.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug that prevented you from placing Combine posters after switching from a flag that couldn't (such as a refugee or Vortigaunt).
Changed the zombie spawn in the city to prevent headcrabs drowning in the shallow water.
Attempted to fix the transition spawn points between servers. Still a work in progress.
Fixed a missing reload sound for the .357 Magnum.
Fixed the armor batteries - They can now be used by rebels, and the medium battery has the correct name.
Hopefully fixed a bug where players would see eachothers' scoreboard badges incorrectly.
Fixed a bug where hint messages in the canals and outlands bug out and spam script errors.
Gave Civil Protection correct animations for walking while aiming some weapons, using flare guns, as well as animations for most melee weapons.
Hopefully fixed another bug where private messages were invisible.
Updated the CCA housing assignment menu to display apartment owners who purchased the door.
Fixed a bug where loyalists could duplicate their CR devices infinitely.
Fixed an LUA script error when a zombine would hit a prop.
Changed crows, chumtoads, houndeyes, and antlions to count as citizens in the ratio, like zombies do.
If you want to make a suggestion for the next update, you can create a post in the Suggestions subforum and discuss it with other members of the community. You may also find an integrated suggestions system by pressing the F10 key on the servers.
To visit the forum suggestions, see:


CombineControl needs the help of its players to stay alive and pay for its runtime.
If CombineControl does not get any income, it is impossible to pay the fees of both the game servers and the website.
Anyone can help support the server with any donation.
By donating to the server, you help to ensure that it will remain alive and open.
You can get various rewards both in-game and on the forums depending on the package you choose.

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Date : 2018-07-08 05:59:27pm

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