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  • Avoiding RP, Lying and minor Disrespect Report

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:123869078
    The reported player's Steam ID: N/A
    The Reported player's in-game name(chars) - If it was a CP, what was his CID: Henry Jakson
    Is this player is a regular player or a staff member?: Regular
    What actions did he perform?: Avoided RP, Minor disrespect and Lying
    What was your reaction to it: Try and ask an admin, but nobody was on. Tried again later but i was ignored
    Photo/Video that proves your claim against him: I didnt manage to take screenshots of the MAIN event but admin logs can easily find out BUT i took some of the aftermath. (Says i exeed file size?? Check admin logs though. You can see convos with me and Henry. I was my SQD character. If Screenshots are 100% needed i will look into posting them.

    I am a CP. I was Patrolling until i saw this guy. He was called "Henry Jakson" I suspected him of going into the restricted area. I searched him. As i found he had a crowbar, i dragged him towards the detainment area. He quit/his game crashed. Now this isnt the bad part. I found him, and i said that we should continue the RP. He said no and said the arrest , and me talking to him OOC was "FailRP" and that i was a citizen mugging him, when i was defiantly a CP. So he refused to Re-Do The RP and let me detain him, so i said "Its either i arrest you and take your controband, or its a ban and an inventory wipe. He later calls me a "kid who doesnt know the rules" (even though i have been on this server longer than him) he asks help from an EOW who agrees with me, however he makes up lies (e.g. i wasnt a CP, or "his game crashed" and i was arresting him for no reason") the list goes on. I want to show him that i AM NOT lying. Because of this i think his Inventory should be wiped cause i was definitely arresting him. I also think some kind of ban should be made. Thanks for reading!


    p.s Henry. I have respect for you, and i got a bit mad back on the server so... im sorry if i was annoying or whatever. Thanks
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    Reported player has been punished!

    Better luck next time !!!

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    I Hate Roleplaying