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  • [Announcement] Form of event suggestion

    Hello players of combine control.

    If you want your event ideas to be used then copy this and follow the rules.

    1. Event must not contain such as ERP/One man vs army/gordon freeman/mass DM.
    2. Make it passive and fun roleplay as possible you can.
    3. Make sure you have tag on name title such as [DM] or [RP] or [Fun] or [OOC]
    4. The event must be IC as possible no OOC such as pluge.
    5. If OOC event it depends mostly it could be IC.
    6. You need 15+ votes to have on list and depends if staff wants to use it.

    Event Name:
    Event description:
    What event type is it:
    Should there be death:
    How should it work?:
    Which server? (City, Canals, Outland?)
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