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  • [Guide] The forum guide

    Forum Guide by Chuckie

    This guide is to teach players about forum tools, and each section of the forum. This is a guide for:

    • Newer Players
    • Regulars
    • People that are not familiar with the forum usage.

    So, starting off, with the main sections of the forum

    First off, we have:

    General Discussion

    So, this forum is made for players to discuss about anything and everything, they can post stories of theirs, they can say their goodbyes in there, this forum is basically the home of shitposting.

    Up next, we have:

    Half Life Discussion

    In this section of the forum, you can freely talk about your Half Life 1/2 experiences, and things generally about the game franchise. So, if you want to post your funny moments of Half Life, or even videos about Half Life, you should definetely choose this sub section.

    Moving on, to the:

    Introduce Yourself

    As the name implies, here you can post an introduction of yourself, pictures and names, and generic information about yourself. But be aware, you should not post too much about yourself to people you do not know/trust, so be careful when posting personal information in the web.

    Continuing, to:

    Screenshots & Videos & Music

    If it wasn't obvious enough, here you can post screenshots from the game servers or other games, videos about anything (Make sure to abide by the rules of the forums, no graphic/pornographic content is allowed to be posted in the forums), and of course music of any kind.

    Lets move on, to:

    Other Games

    Here you can talk about games like GTA, Fallout, Undertale, pretty much any game you want! You can make votes of which games people like the best, and of course make a game recommendation or review for the players to see, and maybe even see what the game is about, theirself.

    Next up, is:

    Announcements and Updates

    New updates are announced here, and rarely other kinds of announcements from the Olympus and High Management

    That was it for the Global forum sections, now we are moving to the Combine Control forum sections.

    Main Forum

    Here you can talk about things in the Combine Control gamemode, but be aware that this section is still Out Of Character, so you may not use any information from here In Character.

    In the Main Forum, you can find a lot of helpful information regarding the server, for example:

    • Server Rules and updates of them
    • Flag Status (If a flag is closed or not)

    You can also apply for administration, Developer, and Basic Toolgun Access.

    Next, we have:

    Official Guides

    This is one of the most useful sections of the forum, you can find multiple guides for the server, all of them can be found very helpful to use, and can give you a whole new view of the server, you can get a lot of new information here.

    Let's move on, to the:

    Illegal Factions

    Here you can apply for flags:

    • Vortigaunt
    • Black Market Dealer
    • Zombie

    Of course, these flags are limited, and open occasionally, so always check the flag status before applying for a flag.

    Moving onto the:

    Legal Factions

    Here you can apply for flags:
    • Overwatch
    • Scanner
    • Hunter
    • Civil Worker
    • Overwatch Elite
    • Vortigaunt Slave
    • Civil Administrator
    • Overwatch Shotgunner
    • Combine Commander
    • Stalker

    There is also the Recruit Quiz form and subforum where to post the quiz there, in the Legal Factions.

    Illegal Discussion

    This is the criminal network where you can post as a rebel, or a vortigaunt, or even a citizen. Not that this is a fully In Character section, so be sure to post only as your character, not yourself.

    Legal Discussion

    Here you can post as a CCA Member, an Overwatch unit, or a citizen. This also is an In Character section.

    Character Profiles

    You can create a backstory about your character in this section. You can make a story for your character and post it here, including your character name. Note that this section is Out Of Character, so using any information gained from this forum can result in a punishment for MetaGaming.

    Community Updates

    This is a link to a simplified list for the updates, where you can scroll down to many updates, even a lot of the older ones. This is very useful to keep track with the updates of the server.


    You can donate for many benefits in this section, if you have a PayPal account and the funds for it. There are benefits like:

    • Prop Limit Increase
    • Advanced Toolgun
    • Credits
    • Change Trait on Character
    • Change Playermodel on Character
    • Scoreboard/Forum title
    • Custom TeamSpeak Server

    The list goes on.

    Now, we are moving onto the System Forums.

    Support & Feedback

    Here you can ask for admins help with an issue of any kind (Except Player Reports, there is an upcoming section for that too), and give feedback to the server. You can also suggest your ideas for the server in the subforum "Suggestions" inside this forum section.

    Punishment Appealing

    You think your ban was false? Your character got PK'd? You can appeal for an unban, or an unPK here, including forum bans. If you want to be unbanned from the server for example, you have to make a brief explanation why. Be aware, not all ban appeals are accepted, there can be various reasons for this, probably will be explained in the appeal that you have made.

    Players' Reports

    Someone broke a rule or two? Someone is disrespecting you, or killing you for no reason? Someone is prop climbing perhaps? You can report them here, but make sure to get some screenshots first, and if possible, a witness. The staff of CombineControl will read the report, and take action according to the evidence and witness statements.

    That was it for the main sections, now moving onto the sub-sections (sub-forums). Not all main sections have sub-forums.

    Staff Applications,
    Developer Applications.

    These are both inside the Main Forum, in here you can of course apply for Staff or Developer, if you meet the requirements for them.

    Illegal Factions

    There is only one sub-forum here, and that is the "Applications". Here you psot the character flag applications with the forms inside the main section, "Illegal Factions".

    Legal Factions

    Here are, both the "Recruits Quiz" and the "Applications" sub-sections, both imply for you to post the character flag applications to the "Applications" sub-forum, and your Recruit Quiz to the "Recruits Quiz" sub-forum.

    Illegal Discussion

    Here we have Three sub-forums: "Vortigaunts" "Black Mesa" "The Legion". These are used by the factions of the Vortigaunt, then the organizations that go by the name of Black Mesa and the Legion.

    Legal Discussion

    Here we have a total of five sub-forums, "Combine Civil Authority", "Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm", "Citizens", "Civil Worker's Union", and "Civil Administration". These are all used by the factions that are represented in the names of the sub-sections. Be aware that the Combine Civil Authority-, and the Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm forums both need a password.

    Support & Feedback

    There is only one sub-forum here, "Suggestions". Here you can post your ideas that could be added to the server, if the staff team sees the suggestion fit, and see if it would work, or could it be implemented in the first place.

    The rest of the forum sections, do not have any sub-forums.

    Moving onto some thread tools.

    You can post a thread on most of the forum sections, by using this icon:

    When you enter the thread, you see various tools that can easily confuse you.

    Here, you can see most of the tools upon creating a thread.

    Starting to explain them:

    Prefixes are used to guide the viewer of the thread to know what it may contain before opening the thread. Some of the prefixes are: Suggestion, Music, Problem, Announcement, Post, Video, Guide.

    Title, as the name indicates, is the name for the thread. This could be "Player Report", "Suggestion", "Help Needed", etc.

    Then, there are the "Font" and "Size", along with the sign.

    The "Font" menu has many different fonts, I am sure everyone can find one of their liking. The "Size" allows you to re-size your text, this is useful for separating important and less important text from each other.

    The sign, opens a list of colors you can set for text, such as:








    Next up, we have these tools:

    Bold, Italic, Underline, Align Left, Center, Align Right.

    Bold is used to make text look "Stronger". This is bold text - This is regular text.

    Italic is used to tilt the text to the right. This is Italic - This is regular.

    Underline is used to underline a word or a sentence, or a whole document. This is underlined - This is regular.

    Alignments are used to move text to a location of your preference:

    Text aligned to the left

    This is centered

    This is on the right

    Next up, we got:

    Insert Image, Insert Video.

    Insert Image is used to insert images directly onto the thread, instead of linking them.

    Here, is an inserted image of a cat.

    Here, is a video guide from our community

    Then, there is the

    This is the tool "Quote". You can use this to make text appear in a black box, for example:

    This is quoted text

    Under the main context of the thread, you can find Post Icons:

    These are icons that will show out of the thread, before you open them. These can be used at any time, and at any situation.

    Then, we got the tools as follows:

    Submit New Thread will submit the thread you are currently creating.

    Preview Post is very useful, if you want to double-check if the thread looks alright, and check if you have forgotten something.

    Then we have some more:

    Show Your Signature - You can toggle this off if you do not want to show your custom signature that you have made in the Settings of the forum.

    Automatically pares links in text - If you have this checked, links will be turned into clickable links.

    Disable smilies in text - You can choose if your smiley like or will be text or not.

    Post a Poll - You can create a poll/vote with this tool, when you submit the thread, it will redirect you to the page where you can set the question and the answers.

    Then, we have the Tags:

    This tool allows you to set tags to your thread, so that anyone who is searching for the tag you've chosen, will have a higher chance of seeing the thread.

    When you are in the main page of the forum ( Forums - CombineControl forum ) you will see these bubbles before the forum sections:

    If you wonder what these are, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Icon Legend, and the users online, and the forum statistics.

    There are also rules for the forum, make sure to check them here: Help - CombineControl forum

    Then, at any page of the forum, you can see these following tools in the upper right of your screen if you scroll up:

    My Profile - You can view your profile from here:

    Settings - There are various ways to customize your experience on the forums:

    Credits (Chuckie , User Profile - CombineControl forum )
    Olympus member, Fullstack developer of CombineControl.
    Forum : www.CombineControl.com/forum

    Helpful? Donate. Thanks!