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  • [Guide] The main CombineControl Server guide

    Creating your character
    Life System
    Making money
    Receiving rations
    Owning properties
    Starting a business
    Working for the Combine
    Breaking the law
    Joining the Resistance
    Leaving the city
    Being a criminal

    Becoming a Civil Protection officer
    Becoming an Overwatch soldier
    Becoming a Civil Worker
    Becoming a Stalker
    Becoming a Black Market Dealer
    Becoming a Vortigaunt
    Becoming a zombie

    --- --- ---

    --- Creating your character ---

    When you join the server for the first time, after solving the quiz, you will see the character menu appear. First of all it is going to ask you for a name for your character. It doesn't have to be anything special. Make sure that your choice is not someone else's already existing name in the community or something ridiculous like "Zombie Fighter". Your name wants to be something like Dave Clarkson or similar, an ordinary name you could expect to hear everywhere in real life. Also don't give your character a name from Half-Life 2 like Gordon Freeman, Eli Vence or any other name from the game.

    For the description of your character choose attributes that don't seem overpowered and could fit with many people, for example:
    << 5'9" | brown hair | blue shirt | trim, wiry build | honest, wide-eyed face | limping left leg >>.

    If you want you can add a small backstory for your character; it adds depth to roleplay when interacting with other characters and helps figure out what mentality your character will have. Don't forget that this is serious roleplay, so don't try to make a "Superman" out of your personage, try to stay ordinary and realistic in your description.

    After you have finished your description, you now have to choose the distribution of points to your stats and pick one trait. Every trait is explained in the menu with a small description, you have to choose one. The stats describe how good your character is in certain abilities:

    Speed - How fast can your character sprint?
    Strength - How hard can your character punch others in melee attacks or how fast break down doors?
    Toughness - How resistant is your character to any kind of damage from other player's attacks?
    Perception - How far and good can your character see and hear?
    Agility - How good and high can your character jump?
    Aim - How accurate is your character's shooting?
    Stamina - How long can your character sprint and/or jump?

    Don't worry, every stat is not final and will be trained ingame when you do the according actions. Now choose a look for your character and you're ready! Click the "OK" button.

    --- Roleplaying ---

    The goal of roleplay on this server is not to create a second Gordon Freeman and go rampage on any Combine forces you can find. Develop your character, describe and widen his story and temper and interact with others for a great game and roleplay experience. At the beginning try to play as a simple citizen, learn the lore and behavior basics: How to interact with Civil Protection officers? Where is the Ration Distribution Center? Where to live? What are the no-go-areas? Where to get basic items?

    Use /me lines in the chat window to describe actions of yours and to roleplay passively when no one interacts with you directly, providing through this a more intense roleplay atmosphere for the players around you.
    Also use /it lines to describe things happening around you , so the players you are roleplaying with would know how to interact properly with you and the environment.

    When already playing ingame as a character, press F1 to open the menu for basics and advanced information regarding roleplay on this server. If you still have questions then, don't be afraid to ask other players online how to get things right.

    Never forget about FearRP, you always have the fear of death. If you life is in danger you would do anything to stay alive and if somebody points a weapon at you then you have to comply with his orders. Doing otherwise may get you punished.

    If you are a beginner to SeriousRP, you can find explanation of all the roleplay terms here.

    --- Making money ---

    There are multiple ways that you can make money, as follows :

    - Money coming in rations
    - Putting up propaganda for the Combine

    - Starting a business
    - Getting loans
    - The daily bonus
    - Doing resistance missions

    Once in a few hours , you can go to the Ration Distribution Center to get a ration. In every ration package there will be an amount of credits.
    You can walk up to a Combine officer and ask him nicely if you can put up posters for them, every poster you put up gains you credits.
    Once you have a sufficient amount of money you can buy a business license in the F3 menu "Business" tab and begin to sell items to the public.
    One of the easiest ways to get money is to go to the "Loans" tab in the F3 menu and get a loan - but be reminded: one of the side effects of taking a loan is that you cannot receive rations until you have paid the loan back. Come online everyday and you will receive a small credit bonus for the first character you log on.
    In the canals and the outlands servers, you can do some tasks at the NPC's situated in the rebel outposts and get a reward for them. You will be rewarded with credits and sometimes rations. All of the missions have a certain cooldown.

    --- Life System ---

    -- Hunger / Thirstiness

    The green bar above your health bar is the hunger bar.
    The white blue bar above your health bar is the thirst bar.
    Every few minutes you will become more hungry and more thirsty.
    In CombineControl, we have many food and water types that will decrease your hunger / thirst.
    Your hunger and thirst have an effect over your stamina bar, being more hungry and thirsty will increase the time for being tired and also increase the time for the bar to refill.
    If you are too hungry and thirsty you will start to lose health.
    Hunger and thirst have an effect on the time it takes to recover from a broken leg, the time to recover from unconscious and fall damage.
    Hunger an thirst have an effect on the stat points you gain from every action, the less hungry and thirsty you are, the more stat points you will gain.

    -- Stamina

    In CombineControl there is a stamina system.
    Actions (jumping, running, punching, healing and zapping (in vortigaunt faction) etc.) will decrease the available stamina bar a few points.
    You can be less tired and you can increase the regeneration stamina available by increasing the stamina stat.

    -- Disease System
    In CombineControl there is a disease system.
    There are a few types of diseases: Hypothermia and cold, Cough, Fever, Indigestion and Radiation.

    - Cough disease

    You can get cough disease randomly every time, and if you do not cure it you can infect citizens.
    You can cure the cough disease with Cough Syrup.

    - Cold and Hypothermia diseases

    In CombineControl there is a weather system.
    The Rain, Blizzard and Snow weather types can give you Hypothermia.
    Hypothermia will damage your consciousness and also increase your hunger and thirst.
    You can get killed from Hypothermia.
    You can get warmth from the heater device.

    - Fever disease

    You can get a fever randomly, but you can cure it with Paracetamol.

    - Indigestion disease

    You can get Indigestion from spoiled food.
    Indigestion has symptoms like losing fluids, pain, belly pain, nausea, hunger and thirst.
    You can cure Indigestion by swallowing antibiotics, but be aware but it will take some time until the antibiotics take effect.

    - Radiation

    You can get radiation if you are near radioactive devices.
    You can get water radiation from the canals hazardous water.
    You will loose health and you can get killed if you are near radiation for too long.

    --- Receiving rations ---

    As a citizen or enslaved biotic you can go to the Ration Distribution Center (RDC) to get a ration. Rations contain food and credits, their quality depending on your loyalist and verdict points. For example, if you are a criminal and the Civil Protection knows that, you won't be able to take a ration.
    You will often get headcrab gibs from rations. In order to eat them , you have to cook them first.
    Most of the food you will find in rations will lower your hunger more if you cook them. For example, beans.
    You can find a full guide about cooking here.

    --- Owning properties ---

    Just like in DarkRP, you can buy and own doors of apartments and/or small stores. When looking at the entry door ingame, click "C" and then "Buy". Congratulations, you are now a proud owner! If you now press "C" on the door again you will be able to lock/unlock, rename or sell the door. Be aware that Combines don't have any qualms breaking down locked doors when doing a house search. Build yourself a base/store by decorating it with a limited amount of props you have; spawn them with your Physgun (don't do this while in a roleplay situation!).

    --- Starting a business ---

    After getting your business license in the F3 menu.
    You can buy the following licenses:
    - Food & Drinks
    - Electronics
    - Misc
    - Books
    - Medical
    - Alcohol

    You can set up a shop in one of the many buildings in city by buying the door of the shop. You have access to a small amount of props to help you build and decorate your business. Use /ad lines in the chat window to advertise your business for 10 credits to the whole server but be careful as this could catch the attention of the Combine who can raid your store to check for illegal contraband/substances.

    --- Working for the Combine ---

    The easiest way to help the Combine to hold their iron grip over humanity is to distribute their propaganda. Ask a CP officer to hand you out some propaganda posters which you can put up on walls for everyone to see. You will receive a small amount of credits and loyalist points for that. Do the dirty surveillance work for the great benefactors and become a snitch, snooping around and reporting suspicious citizens and activities. While this does not guarantees any rewards it does feel good to see your annoying neighbor being arrested, doesn't it?

    The CCA will often start mandatory work cycles at Warehouse 3 where the citizens will create ration packages.
    In this kind of work cycle you will have to get a ration coin form a CP.
    Then introduce it into a dispenser to get ration contents.

    After you got the contents you have to insert them into one of the machines.

    You will have to wait until the red light turns green then press the use key (E by default) on the machines to get a small amount of credits and loyalist points.
    After you've done that you have to take the rations from here:

    And throw them into the orange light:

    You can also ask a Civil Protection officer for jobs like cleaning.

    Another way to start a civil career in the Universal Union is to apply for the Civil Workers' Union. Gaining by this some small privileges as for example two rations per cycle and more respect from Combine officers, you now have the task to assist your fellow citizens by guiding and instructing them during mandatory work assignments, providing medical support and to convey the Combine's vision of an ideal society.

    --- Breaking the law ---

    There are many things the Combine can arrest or even execute you for:

    Uncivil behavior by yelling, running, throwing trash - re-education with a stunstick.
    Street fights - detention in Nexus prison.
    Assault on officers - detention in Nexus prison, possibly trial to execution.
    Murder - detention in Nexus prison, trial to execution.
    Rebellion - execution.

    Every crime done by you and noticed by the Combine forces results in loosing loyalist points, getting criminal records and detention/execution.

    --- Joining the Resistance ---

    You have enough of Combine tyranny? You can't look on this disgusting ration food anymore? Want to join the underground movements? Well, as good as this sounds, it's not very easy. First, you have to decide if you want to leave civil life completely and become a full-time rebel or maybe stay as a secret Resistance supporter. Are you more the fighter type or do you want to help by creating and selling illegal contraband (like weapons, medicine, tech, chemicals and/or drugs)? To become a fully mounted rebel fighter you need credits, lots of credits and most importantly contacts. Find other Resistance fighters who can supply you with uniforms and weapons or can show you a black market dealer. But be careful! Not every character personating himself a rebel is truly interested in helping other people. Many underground movements have nothing in common with the known Resistance movement which has the goal to help humanity out of Combine dictatorship.

    You have the choice to play as a lone wolf or to join a organization. Please read the server rules as playing as a rebel comes not without some restrictions on this server.

    --- Leaving the city ---

    If you decide you don't want to stay in the city anymore, or you just want to see what's outside of the city, you can do it.
    The first place you can go to is the Canals.
    To get there you must use the entrance in the sewers:

    Or the one in the basement of Metropol (block B):

    But be careful, you need a weapon and eventually a rebel suit or better to get through the canals alive.
    You will encounter many dangers there, such as:

    - Radiation water

    - Zombies

    - Antlions

    - Overwatch

    If you make it through the canals, you can go to the Outlands.

    There you can find spring water in the rivers, the White Forest base, the Big Mines and other rebel outposts. In the outlands you can also find the enemies mentioned above, but there is no radiation water. In the outlands you can find the mission NPC's, which are a good way to make money.
    If you want to know how to get to the Outlands from the Canals and more information about the locations there, you can find a guide here.

    --- Being a criminal ---
    You don't want to be a loyalist and neither a rebel ? You don't care about the combine and the rebels and you want to be left alone and do whatever you want ? Then you can become a criminal.
    But be careful, nobody likes criminals. You will be hunted both by the combine and the rebels. But you can hunt them too. Or steal things from them. Or create chaos in the city.
    If you want to be a criminal you will have to be recruited by the Impure Crusaders. Find more information about them and what they do here.
    Being a criminal also comes with certain restrictions on the server , make sure you've read the rules before deciding to become one.

    --- --- ---

    --- Becoming a Civil Protection officer ---

    Civil Protection | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Civil Protection is essentially the Combines's thought police in all urban areas on Earth. The term "CPs" is mostly used by the Citizens and Resistance members to refer to Metro Cops units. Part of the Combine Overwatch, CPs are ordinary human volunteers who have "willingly" joined the Combine, either for more privileges, such as additional food, better living conditions, an increase in authority and status over others, or out of genuine sympathy and identification with the Combine's aims. As such, they are not bio-mechanically modified in any way.

    To become a Civil Protection (CP) officer you need your already existing character to be at least 7 days old. Open the "Combine" tab in the F3 menu and click on "Apply". You will need fill out a form in-character (your character fills out the application form) and out-of-character (you as the player fills out the form). Then you need to wait patiently, applications can be processed up to a week.

    If you're accepted you can start your Civil Protection career as a recruit. Be advised that recruits should train and not leave the nexus.
    Additionally you need to fill out the recruit quiz in the forums to be promoted to a regular officer.
    You can find a full guide for recruits here.

    Please read the server rules as playing as a CP officer comes not without some restrictions on this server. Also read the Combine Civil Authority (CCA) manual for the radio codes and behavior guidelines. Ask a Supervisor (SPR) unit ingame for the password.

    --- Becoming an Overwatch soldier ---

    Overwatch Soldier | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Overwatch soldiers (or known as the Combine soldier by citizens) are the basic transhuman infantry units of the Combine Overwatch, composing the backbone of the Combine's military presence on Earth. In contrast to Civil Protection, whose duties are to enforce order within suppressed population centres, soldiers of the Overwatch are tasked with more hazardous actions requiring skill and tact: From patrolling the treacherous borders of Combine-controlled territory to raiding Resistance-held strongholds. As military personnel as opposed to law enforcement, Overwatch soldiers are given access to military-grade equipment and tactical combat training, making them more formidable opponents than Civil Protection officers.

    Fill out an application form in the "Legal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be turned into an Overwatch unit. Please read the server rules as playing as Overwatch comes not without some restrictions on this server. It also helps if you have already played as a CP officer so you know codes and behavior guidelines from the CCA manual. Be aware that Overwatch unit roleplay is entirely different from regular CP unit roleplay ingame.

    --- Becoming a Civil Worker ---

    The Civil Workers' Union is a faction that is mainly based on supporting citizen needs and the official citizen-friendly businesses. The Civil Workers' Union sometimes initiates projects to bring humanitarian relief and small comforts to the populaces of Combine-controlled cities, including public utility improvement projects, a city newspaper, and the only (legal) shops in the cities (due to the extremely limited, communist-like economy which the Universal Union practices).

    Despite their concern for the populace, members of the CWU (short for Civil Workers' Union) are firmly loyal to the Universal Union and are considered to be the most trustworthy citizens by the Metropolice Force. As such, they are granted special privileges in some cities, including priority in ration queues (though the rations do not differ) and housing blocks that are of a higher standard than those of typical citizens, depending on the whim of any particular city's administration.

    Fill out an application form in the "Legal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be turned into a civil worker.

    --- Becoming a Stalker ---

    Stalker | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Stalkers are humans who have been drastically altered, both physically and mentally, through extreme, brutal Synth engineering by the Combine. They are servants, mindlessly operating machinery and guarding the core in the Citadel.

    Fill out an application form in the "Legal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be turned into a Stalker.

    --- Becoming a Black Market Dealer ---

    Fill out an application form in the "Illegal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be granted access to certain illegal contraband items in the F3 menu "Business" tab.

    --- Becoming a Vortigaunt ---

    Vortigaunt | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    The Vortigaunts (taxonomic designation Xenotherium subservilia, or "Subservient Alien Beast") are a race of aliens enslaved by the Combine, much like humans. Seen most often in cities as enslaved janitors, Vortigaunts are a wise and artistic race, and make excellent allies if one wishes to go against the Combine.

    Keep in mind that vortigaunts are wise and peaceful creatures, they are friendly and will always help another vortigaunt or human in need. Vortigaunts never go alone to randomly kill combine units. They usually attack only in self defence.
    When roleplaying as a vortigaunt you shouldn't hate or be aggressive to citizens, rebels or another vortigaunts unless you have a really good reason.
    Vortigaunts usually refer to CPs as "the masked ones" and when saying somebody's name they usually use the word "the". For example, if your name is Dan Marshall, they will call you "the Dan Marshall". Of course there are also vortigaunts who have adapted really good to the English language and will rarely make grammar or spelling mistakes, but these are rare cases.

    Fill out an application form in the "Illegal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be turned into a Vortigaunt. Please read the server rules as playing as a rebel/Vortigaunt comes not without some restrictions on this server.

    --- Becoming a Zombie ---

    Zombie | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    A zombie is a common enemy featured in the Half-Life universe. It is created when a Headcrab attaches to the head of a suitable host and takes control over its victim's body, rendering the host a "Headcrab zombie," or "necrotic", as they are referred to by the Combine Overwatch. As their name suggests, zombies do not appear to retain much of their former intelligence and, like Headcrabs, will blindly pursue their prey, oblivious to danger. Zombies mainly attack with swipes from their claws or with the ability to forcefully punt objects towards their target.
    As a zombie, you will attack any other being except other zombies. Zombies can't think and take decisions like hiding behind a barricade, they will just go straight into the fight without any fear.

    Fill out an application form in the "Illegal factions" thread in the forum. If accepted, the applying character will be turned into a zombie. Please read the server rules as playing as a zombie comes not without some restrictions on this server.

    Credits : @ArtieS , @Fabio Moretti , @Serious.Dan .
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