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  • [Guide] City Rules and Violations, Contraband List, Authorizations\Limitations & Loyalist Points

    On this thread you will find all the information you need about City Rules and Violations, Contraband List and Loyalist

    We will begin with the City Rules and Violations and their Punishments.


    "Upon agreement to the Unions code of citizenship, each and every citizen has agreed to abide by a set of rules and set regulations to better enhance their current role as a civilized resident within the city.
    This not only assists in the residents protection, but it also serves to prevent emotional distress or other former emotions that would induce violence or other forms of harm to the resident.
    The following is a small list of set regulations that all residents of the sector must follow. If a citizen fails to abide by these codes and rules, the Civil-Protection Unit is to issue a verdict out of sight of other citizens.
    This is a very strict rule. We as Civil-Protection Units want the citizens performing in normal society to think they are safe.
    You will hear on broadcasts, "It's safer here." & "Remember your worth..." Let's not defeat the purpose of said broadcasts"

    List of punishments:
    Detention - Arresting Individuals
    Re-Education - Stunning with the Stunbaton 3 times or less
    Low Maiming - Light Violence(Punching, Slapping, Kicking)
    High Maiming - Light Torture(Breaking Bones, Severe Bruises, Minor Body Damage)
    Lethal Maiming - Extreme Torture(Body Sabotaging, Mental Damage, Mutilation)
    Amputation - Death!

    Cycles - Every cycle is 1 day IC and 2 minutes OOC
    that means that if we want to arrest someone we will set his cycle to 5 and he will spend 5 days in prison ICly and 10 minutes OOCly
    the max time we can arrest is 10 minutes(5 Cycles)

    Level 1
    Breaking dresscode
    General uncivil behavior
    Having a Standard/Loyalist packet when not authorized
    Forming groups larger than 10 citizens.


    Level 2
    Disrespecting the Union in general
    Trespassing the CWU Departments
    Disobeying orders
    Disrespecting citizens
    Use of drugs
    Fake emergency calls
    Selling packed Ration packages

    1 cycle in detainment, re-education, -1 Loyalist Point, and +5 Verdict Points

    Level 3
    Possession of Green-marked contraband
    Disrespecting a Combine officer
    Attempting to break into Civil Workers Union bases
    Failure to apply
    Resisting arrest
    Roaming the streets while JW is active
    Trespassing private property (People's homes, shops, etc.)
    Possession of a High tier/CCA tier Ration Packages when not a CCA member or a High Tier Loyalist

    2 cycles in detainment, re-education, Low Maiming at the unit's discretion, -2 Loyalist Points, and +15 Verdict Points

    Level 4
    Possession of Yellow-marked contraband
    Attempted murder
    Manslaughter (accidental homicide)
    Lying to a unit
    Suspicion of cannibalism
    Lying in interrogation
    Having a Biotic tier Ration When not a Biotic
    Selling High/CCA Tier Ration Packages
    Trespassing the Nexus

    3 cycles in detainment, re-education, High Maiming, -10 Loyalist Points, and +35 Verdict Points

    Level 5
    Possession of Orange-marked contraband
    Attempted to kidnap a unit
    Contraband distribution (11-23)

    4 cycles in detainment, Lethal Maiming, -40 loyalist points, and +70 Verdict Points

    Level 6
    Possession of Red-marked contraband
    Attempted destruction of the city
    Trespassing the City Administrator's office
    Rebel conspiracy
    Resistance propaganda
    Assassinating the CA/VCA/CMA/CMR


    Sexual harassment
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    Contraband Levels

    Attention: This is not the official contraband list! Please refer to the newest one.

    A Contraband Item is any item that the Universal Union believes conflicts with its goals and is thus illegal
    for citizens to possess or use. Though relatively easy to obtain if proper contacts are known,
    the carrying of any contraband item is an offense punishable under Combine law.

    Contraband Levels:

    Level 1: Green(Low)
    Level 2: Yellow(High)
    Level 3: Orange(Very High)
    Level 4: Red(Lethal: Amputation)
    Level 1: Green(Low)
    Clean Water/Spring Water
    Contaminated Water
    Fruits of all kinds
    Recreational Drugs
    Pure Alcohol
    Fire Lighter
    CCA Ration

    Level 2: Yellow(High)
    Combine Standard Issue Sidearm including ammunition(9mm)
    Melee Weapons of all kinds(Knife, Crowbar, etc..)
    Simunition Weapons
    Poisonous Syringes
    Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
    Small Gas Cooker
    Spray Can
    Combine Lock
    Ballistic Shield
    Rebel Uniform

    Level 3: Orange(Very High)
    Shotguns of all kinds including ammunition(Beanbag, Lethal, Door breaching)
    Sub-Machine Guns including ammunition(MP7)
    357 Magnum including ammunition
    Large amount of Health Vials
    Drugs with Strong Influences
    All types of acid
    Generator Tool Kit
    Explosive Materials
    Breaching Charges
    Metrocop Equipment
    Rappel Hook
    Regular Handheld Radio
    Civil Protection Uniform of all ranks
    Steroids of all kinds
    Fake/Stolen Loyalist Papers
    Combine Technology/Materials
    Combine Handbook
    Radio Jammer Device
    Gas mask

    Level 4: Red(Lethal)
    Unauthorized Weaponry of all kinds(Crossbow, RPG, etc..)
    Unauthorized High Caliber Ammunition
    Heavy Firearms of all kinds(AR2, Sniper, etc..)
    Grenades of all kinds
    Overwatch Uniform of all ranks
    Resistance Radio
    Dispatch Handheld Radio
    Turret Hacking Device
    Automatic Medical System
    Artillery Beacon
    Strider Gibs
    Mobile Combine Tech(Turrets, Scanners, Mines, Combine Lights, etc...)

    Small Health Vials - Green
    Medium Heatlh Vials - Yellow
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      Loyalist Points and Verdict Points


      Q:So what are these "loyalist points" and how can I get them?
      A:These are positive points you get for being a good citizen and when you perform everyday tasks for the Combines.

      Q:"Verdict points"?
      A: Doing nearly any kind of crime can result in you being given "verdict points" by the Combine.

      Q:How do the loyalist points benefit me? How do verdict points impact me?
      A:Loyalist points, when you have enough, grant you access to special privileges such as better rations. Verdict points, on the other hand, will cause you to receive extra punishment if you collect too many. This can bar you from rations, get you tortured, or even lead to your execution.

      Q:Are the points permanent?
      A:The only way either point type can be lost is if a unit removes them from you. You may lose loyalist points for committing crimes, but you can also remove your verdict points by working for the Combine.

      Q:Who gives me the points?
      A:Civil Protection units only. They access these functions through their PDAs.

      Q:What happens if a CP doesn't want to give me my benefits with the amount of loyalist points I have?
      A:This is considered an IC issue, and can be reported to higher-ranking Combine units.

      Q:What happens if a CP removes my points without an IC reason?
      A:You make a report on the boards because this is "failRP" and we will take care of it. Be aware that having too many verdict points or committing a very high crime may result in you losing all your points.

      How to get more points

      Loyalist Points are issued when you help the Union in different ways.
      If you have verdict points, every loyalist point earned will instead be "spent" to remove a verdict point. The conversion is 1:1.

      Here is a list of things you can do to earn more points
      2 Points:

      *Reporting level one/two violations
      *Reporting the location of green\yellow contraband
      *Light labor tasks
      *Assisting authorized workers
      *Attaching to an approved light labour session

      5 Points:

      *Reporting level three\four violations
      *Reporting the location of orange contraband
      *Assisting Civil Protection
      *Reporting cannibalism
      *Prevention of propaganda against the Combine
      *Assisting in an approved moderate labour session

      8 Points:

      *Reporting Level five\six violations
      *Reporting the location of red contraband
      *Saving the life of a Loyalist or Civil Protection unit(Loyalist also mean CWU)
      *Assisting re-arrest or providing information to the recapture of a biotic
      *Prevention of contraband distribution
      *Attempting to stop unrest in order to prevent panic
      *Partaking in an approved heavy labour

      20 Points:
      *Saving the life of CMA\CMR in practice or if reported.

      40 Points:
      *Saving the life of VCA\CA in practice or if reported.

      The following are lists of benefits from Loyalist Points and punishments from Verdict Points
      Loyalist Points:

      15 Points - Will be treated with more respect + Can wear other non-CWU clothing + A brown loyalist identiband
      25 Points - Blue loyalist identiband, and access to the loyalist business license
      30 Points - Loyalist papers and ID, plus access to red loyalist rations
      50 Points - Can cross the line in RDC
      60 Points- Access to High Loyalist Grade Yellow Rations and an orange loyalist identiband
      65 Points - Can possess certain kinds of green marked contraband (Fruits and Clean Water only)
      70 Points - Has the ability to ask a CP for an apartment instead of waiting
      75 Points - Can roam the streets during JW
      80 Points - A disposeable pardon for up to level 3 violations
      85 Points - Promised safe escort to Block B,C,D any time and a white loyalist identiband
      100 Points - Ability to speak with the CA in person under supervision + Black loyalist identiband

      Verdict Points:

      1 Point - The citizen will be given minimal-grade rations
      5 Points - The citizen will be disallowed from applying for the CCA and CWU

      10 Points - The citizen will be denied any loans to prevent misuse. They can be re-educated at any time
      30 Points - The citizen will be denied all posters. Possessing any poster at this tier is considered contraband. They may be searched at any time
      50 Points - The citizen will be forced to live in high-VP conditions, must be arrested for Level 1 violations, and will lose any remaining Loyalist Points they possess. They may be given light torture for any violation
      60 Points - The citizen will be denied all rations
      80 Points - The citizen will be considered "death row" and must be imprisoned indefinitely. Any and all items will be confiscated
      100 Points - The citizen will immediately lose their inflictive citizenship. They must be executed immediately
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        Authorizations and limitations
        Every rank has different authorizations, but also limitations

        Below is the list of ranks and their permissions.

        CMR - Commander:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        Ability to command all Combine units in the sector
        Ability to create, change, or remove any protocol of the CCA or Overwatch
        Ability to authorize an Autonomous Waiver

        Cannot override orders from the Union central command

        CMA - Commander's Assistant:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        Ability to exile units from the CCA
        Ability to promote units in the CCA
        Ability to conscript citizens into the CCA
        Ability to authorise a Judgement Waiver and Autonomous Judgement
        Ability to demote faulty units
        Ability to authorize a full district examination
        Ability to command any Overwatch unit

        Cannot authorize an Unrest Procedure

        SPR - Supervisor:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        Ability to command all lower-ranked units
        Ability to bestow vertdicts upon any unit below them
        Can officially train recruits and request their promotion
        Ability to begin a Judgement Waiver
        Ability to begin a public execution
        Ability to authorize mental augmentation programs
        Can request Overwatch deployment

        Cannot authorize an Unrest Procedure or Autonomous Judgement
        Cannot assign units to a squad without the squad leader's request

        LDR - Squad Leader:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        Ability to command their own squad
        Ability to request unassigned units to be added to their squad
        Ability to authorise citizen block inspections

        Cannot command units from different squads
        Cannot authorize any city alert state
        Cannot officially train recruits
        Cannot begin a public execution
        Cannot request an Overwatch deployment

        AGT - Agent:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        Ability to command their own squad
        Ability to bestow verdicts upon their own squad units
        Ability to initiate Ration Distribution cycle

        Cannot command units from different squads
        Cannot override the squad leader's orders
        Cannot authorize any city alert state
        Cannot officially train recruits
        Cannot begin a public execution
        Cannot request an Overwatch deployment

        SQD - Squad Unit:
        All permissions of lower ranks included
        May patrol unconditionally
        May join a squad upon approval by the squad leader
        Can give labour to individual citizens
        Allowed to leave the Nexus when off-duty
        Allowed to purchase citizen housing

        Cannot command anyone (even recruits)
        Cannot officially train recruits
        Cannot begin a public execution
        Cannot authorize any city alert state
        Cannot leave the city without premission from higher ranks
        Cannot initiate a labour session without permission from a higher rank
        Cannot request an Overwatch deployment

        RCT - Recruit:
        Access to Nexus living space and recreational facilities
        Permitted to use Nexus training range and armory
        Permitted to interrogate prisoners only at the discretion of the unit conducting the interrogation.

        Cannot command anyone
        Cannot leave the Nexus at all
        Cannot take part in combat
        Cannot authorize any city alert state
        Cannot possess a large arsenal
        Cannot request an Overwatch deployment
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