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  • [Guide] Prison Roleplay

    One way or another, you've come to this guide. If you're not just reading out of curiosity, then you are probably looking into how to properly act in a scenario in the Combine prison. This guide, of course, covers just that.

    The Combine prison has two sides to it, but a number of details they must consider.

    The prisoner

    If you commit a violation leveled high enough, the Combine may place you under arrest for a given amount of time. As such, you will be detained and transported to an issued prison cell, and you will remain there until your time is up.

    Some stays are longer than others, but in any case, prepare to get familiar with your surroundings. Don't expect a luxurious stay, because you are just a criminal sentenced to confinement within the Citadel.

    Follow the orders of the Combine around you. This is their headquarters, their home ground, not yours. If you anger one of them, there's sure to be an army waiting for punish you. Don't scream, fight, bluff, or otherwise resist the Combine, because you will find no support or hope here.

    The safest means of getting out is simply waiting out your sentence. If you must, you can try to ask a passerby Civil Protection officer for information... if they're willing to speak.

    Considering escape

    If you believe it is absolutely necessary, perhaps if you are locked up and destined for execution or lifetime prison, you may wish to actually break out. This is by no means an easy task, but it is not impossible, either.

    The Combine would never let a hostile person without the heaviest security too deep into their Citadel. As such, the Combine prison used to hold standard prisoners is very close to the surface. Remember the way you came in, if you can. There is no other way you can hope to escape.

    Bide your time, and train yourself. As long as you have time, you should be able to work out. Work on your stamina, your speed, your strength, etcetera.
    If you get the opportunity and can hide it, you might also be able to snatch something from a unit if they aren't careful enough around you. A knife or any other weapon could greatly help you when the time comes.

    If you can communicate with the other prisoners, try to work together and formulate a plan. Help eachother out; you all benefit from this, after all. Make agreements on cues and commands to look out for, and more.

    The prison guard

    The Combine Civil Authority does a lot of the work when it comes to prison management, however they are also bolstered by the Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm's prison guard division. This gives them a serious advantage in power inside the prison, being a very intimidating force.

    If you decide to do your part in maintaining prison security, it would be best to patrol around the prisoners and other areas of importance. Get to know which prisoners are where, and any dangerous details about them. Do rounds around the floors and keep an eye on the prisoners, but don't forget to stop by rooms such as the armory to ensure everything is safe.

    Do not let the prisoners get too friendly or arrogant towards you. Keep them aware that you are the one in charge here, and defiance will not be tolerated. Put them in their place by force if you have to, but simply ensure that the prisoners do not take you too lightly.

    Should a violent incident ever occur in the prison, you should do your best to quell the resistance and re-contain the prisoners. Do not let any enemy reach the armories or other locations which they could use to their advantage, but above all, do not let them escape.

    Final words

    This is only a quick, simple guide to standard action within the Combine prison. You must fill in the rest with your own roleplay and imagination. We're here to guide you, not to control you.

    This guide was written by the poster; Picodreng
    Last edited by Pico; 17-04-2017, 02:07.