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  • [Picture] Ayy lmao

    Ayy lmao newbies and remaining vets of CC! You may have been wondering just how I was permabanned... well ladies and gentlemen, it's time to actually do it. I will show you the one thread that wasn't made into the public or moved from the appeals to the punishment requests!

    The April ban in question that has been "revoked":

    Now back to it!

    The participants of these replies were Lolvlog and Chen, however the whole staff team decided onto this April appeal being revoked, despite of it being five months old from April to the date I've been permabanned.

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    It’s funny that you never mentioned the part in which you told me you never wanted anything to do with CC again. You even had me banned from a community that you were in because you wanted nothing to do with me, because of my link with CC.

    You cant just go back and fourth, deciding when CC is permissible, and when it’s not good enough for you. Perhaps staying banned won’t bring you so much misery, as everything did before.

    I think that being banned for applying for staff elsewhere is a bad ban reason. I never agreed to that. I do however think that the toxicity and arguments that you promised to stop, needed to stop. You can’t just appeal, and later carry on doing the things you apologized for.

    Im closing this thread, because it serves as nothing more as a “staff exposed!!” Thread. I know for a fact that whatever happens, you’ll end up in an argument in which you’ll leave the community again, on bad terms. It’s about time that everyone is spared the trouble.

    Thread is closed.
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      My job is done, have it as a last memory. Cha Cha real smooth.