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  • Been awhile....

    Hey All,
    So its been awhile since i left the server.
    Last time i was on, was when the server was at a downfall and i wonder right now,
    How is it doing? and How are you all doing?
    Is everything better than before when the server was struggling to pay for the servers?
    Or has not much changed ever since?

    Every reply will be appreciated, Thanks
    ~Characters~(Most Used)

    Connor Hunt - Gray Market Dealer/Rebel
    Vilcas - Free Vortigaunt
    Sky Hunt - Civil Worker

  • #2
    The server is changing to a new setting being Post Half Life 2 RP, the Resistance has finally started to take back ground against the Combine and won many rebellions in parts of the world, although the fight isn't over. The devs and high management have been working hard to fix the issues that the server once had and are introducing new ideas and content to help bring the server back up to speed again. At the moment it's hard to say how well it will do but everything looks promising, the server updates on the 31st (this Friday) and that's when the changes for the setting should hit, turning the server into a more post apoch feel.

    Hope I could allow you to get a better understanding about the servers current situation, it's slow but hopefully picking up, activity and older players are coming back due to a slight interest in the new setting and plans and things are starting to get better (especially on a staff end oh boy). And to answer how I'm doing, I'm doing great, how about yourself.