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  • Smooties Media Team Application

    Steam Name :

    Steam ID :

    Character(s') name:
    Zane Anderson, Ronald Baker, Val Tori. Ca

    How many hours have you played so far in our server?:
    Im with the community almost from the beggining. Since 2015.

    Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If you did then explain what have you done there?
    Half Life 2 roleplay on CW and NS base, Also alot of discord text oriented heavy RP, SWTOR RP

    What kind of roleplaying did you experience?
    All kinds of RP. MPF roleplay, Resistance Roleplay, Refugee roleplay, Citizen Roleplay there is alot of it as Ive been roleplaying for almost 4 years.

    I'm experienced with...(Mark with Red color)
    1)Graphic Designing
    2)Sound Production
    3)Video Editing

    Why do you want to become a member in the media team?
    It can occupy my free time. I started to once again enjoy posing so want to join in on various projects and do my part for the CC.

    Why should we choose you to become a member in the media team?
    I have been part of this community as I stated above almost from the beggining of the server itself. I have lots of posings made that I posted here on Forums for various players about their combinecontrol experiences and also made a series of comics (Little bit modified with different models and stuff) about the server. Im dedicated and skilled in what I do.

    Do you agree to the site policy(The answer must be either yes or no)?

    Do you agree that you are not staff member in any other competing server(The answer must be either yes or no)?

    Do you agree according to your IP address that you're not going take advantage of community servers (Combine Control, CombineControl), the answer must be yes or no :

    Is there any other way to make contact with you besides using Steam? :

    Do you have any projects you have created in the past?! if you do please post it below(Use youtube/pictures to provide us the infromation. you can add water marks to keep copyrights as well)

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    Real impressive, so I'm gonna ask you to give me an example of a PHL2 scene, it can be of anything, in a city, in the wilderness, whatever it may be. Be creative!
    Once that's done, we'll go from there.


    • #3
      1. Group of Rebels moving trough destroyed city during Uprising

      2. Bunch of MPF holding a checkpoint during a firefight


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        Top of the line, I'm accepting you.

        Welcome to the team.