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  • [Post] Meistr's (Pride's) Staff app

    Steam Name : Meistr Cymreig Celtig
    Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:198009544
    Year of birth: 2004
    Around 2-3 years, I however, only consider it 1-2 because in the first year I was inactive and new.

    Yes, I used to be the commander of the Overwatch Transhuman Arm for a nutscript server called Scythe gaming, until stress and inward bickering caused me to leave. As well as this I've done serious HL2RP in Clarity Gaming.

    I've done Serious RP as a CP, OTA, rebel, citizen and just about everything but a Hunter.

    I have been part of the CC community for a long while and enjoy helping and doing what I can when I can, I think being staff may help me lighten the load on the current staff team and help me assist other players, I find having active members of CC for staff will help out a lot and I try my best to be as active as possible to help out and RP.

    I feel as though I can do some good work and help the community, I have experienced some of its worst and best times and have always had an enjoyment trying to assist with others. I think being staff could help me do some good in the community and also lighten the load for other staff.

    I had my tooltrust taken away on one occasion a year or so ago, but I have moved on from trying things like that (Long story short I used to use it to speed up my trips past the canals)

    Discord and if required my Personal Email (But I do not use my personal email as much as Discord).

    PK definition: PK or Perma-kill is to kill a character permanently and have them deleted or IDPKed.

    Example of PK: Someone is executed by OTA in front of the entire city.

    Meaning of DM: It stands for Deathmatch which includes any situation which includes any situation in which characters are killed, usually via S2K, however a lot of RP on CC is now done via S2L or other non-roll formats.

    Example of DM: An attack by OTA on a rebel base in which the OTA say over OOC chat as to whether the Rebels want it to be S2K or not, in which case the other side can agree or disagree on their preference.

    Meaning of RDM: RDM is to attack someone without a valid reason, be it OOC or IC.

    Example of RDM: Someone running behind you while you are patrolling as OTA and suddenly punching you and KO-ing you without a /me or warning.

    Meaning of BH: BH stands for bunny hopping which is the act of spamming the spacebar, usually to avoid getting shot or just to speed up movement.

    Example of BH: Someone in S2K having a sniper shoot at them only to jump up and down rapidly away towards cover.

    Three examples of when /me would be used
    1. /me would chuckle, cocking the shotgun.
    2. /me would look around slowly, keeping her eyes towards the walls and doors.
    3. /me would start to turn her walk into a slight jog, picking up the pace to follow behind the others.

    3 Examples of when /it would be used:
    1. /it The room fills with smoke from the fire, causing visibility in the room to lower.
    2. /it The smell of the corpses spreads across the room, causing a foul odour to arise.
    3. /it The rain would hit the rooftop, making a banging noise as it thuds onto the metal sheeting on the ceiling.

    Difference between /BC and /AD: /BC is to broadcast which is used mainly my City Administrators and the MPF to make announcements. /ad is to advertise, which is used to showcase shops around the area, ads tend to cost money to display while broadcasts are free to display.

    Meaning of MG: MG is to metagame, which is to take OOC info into IC and vice versa.

    Examples of MG: Someone getting told in PMs there's a raid in the rebel base and then leaving due to it.
    • Someone writing where the MPF are patrolling in the OOC chat.
    • Someone switching to an MPF unit from their Rebel, asking where everyone is then robbing a unit as their Rebel right after.
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    Gonna back you on this, but I think you could do with working on your grammar.
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      I think I remember you as somebody who minged alot, but you're a pretty decent guy now. Much respect ++
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        Yeah i admit in my early days i did minge, on account of the saviours somewhat drawing me into it, i try my best to avoid being a dumb-ass now tho.


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          Under Review.
          High Management Staff Member

          I Hate Roleplaying


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            Review is over!

            Hello. We have come to the conclusion that you are certainly a capable member, and you have put your previous issues behind you. That being said, we have not had a lot of time to witness your roleplaying standards at their best.

            For that reason, I'm going to
            postpone this application, to give you some time to demonstrate your roleplaying capabilities after the reset.

            Do not let this strike your confidence. This is not about doubt, this is simply about wishing to know more.

            Thread will remain open for any questions.
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            High Management Staff Member

            I Hate Roleplaying


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              Alright, i hope that i can be of help to the community!