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  • [Announcement] Overwatch Transhuman Arm apps are open! [PHL2]

    PM me on the forums with the following form filled out. If you PM me on Discord or Steam, your application won't be reviewed.

    1) Steam Name:

    2) Steam ID:

    3) How long have you been playing on CC's servers?

    4) Have you read the Overwatch Transhuman Arm roleplay guide - CombineControl forum and
    Combine code and directive list - CombineControl forum thread?

    5) What are the standard protocols when operating as a Overwatch functionary?

    6) What are the differences between a MPF officer and a OTA soldier?

    7) As a OTA character, you are NOT supposed to be a 'real' character. You're a disposable villain, a tool of the combine. Your aim shouldn't be to develop your character, but to aid the development of other characters. Do you understand that?

    Please keep in mind that you WON’T always be able to play a Overwatch character, even if your application is accepted. OTA will be more akin to a event faction, most of the time you will be explicitly asked by a member of staff to flag onto your OTA character when and if you are needed.
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    OTA apps are STILL open, keep 'em coming.