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  • [POST HALF-LIFE 2] ROLEPLAY Server Rules.

    Whilst we try to maintain an open, creative atmosphere when it comes to the CombineControl servers, there are a few rules that must be followed.

    Failure to adhere to these rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from the CombineControl servers. Please note, there are some unwritten rules. These are simply rules that we will treat as common sense. It is to an admin's own discretion when it comes to punishments, but all punishment details are logged within Staff resources. All bans can be seen, discussed and even protested by all members of Staff.
    [Section 1 : Out Of Character Rules]

    [1] General, or targeted toxicity will not be tolerated.
    [2] Using your proptrust for climbing, killing, or otherwise abusing is not allowed.
    [3] Do not kill another player unless you have a solid, concrete IC reason. Pathetic reasoning will not be tolerated.
    [4] Your character will always fear pain, and death, unless the circumstances are extreme. Contact an admin if you are unsure.
    [5] Do not transfer items for your own personal gain.
    [7] You cannot have characters that interact with each other in any way.
    [8] Metagaming is not allowed. Metagaming can include using OOC information for an IC advantage, or the other way around.
    [9] Cheesing NPCs, or rushing unrealistically will result in weapon removal.

    [Section 2 : Roleplaying Rules] - Rules that apply in your everyday roleplay.

    [1] Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is outright banned. It is grim.
    [2] Powergaming will not be tolerated. Powergaming is giving yourself an unfair example through RP combat. An example of this could be avoiding bullets, or snapping someone's neck in a gunfight.
    [3] You must have explicit permission from the Roleplay Authorisations sub-forum to roleplay with a military, police or special forces background. This is to prove you can play the role seriously, realistically and accurately, with the correct knowledge. Other roles may also require authorisation, if seen fit by staff.
    [4] Your character must be an accurate representation of a Human being. You may not act like an idiot and claim that it's "possible IC."
    [5] Your characters are not allowed to interact with each other.
    [6] You cannot roleplay as blatantly stereotypical characters. We won't be making exeptions to appease your "perfectly valid" standards.
    [7] Anything that is done to disrupt roleplay, or the general atmosphere will not be tolerated.
    [8] You cannot roleplay as a physically disabled person without authorizations.
    [9] You cannot roleplay as someone with severe mental illness (insanity, cannibalistic tendencies etc) without authorisation
    [10] All adverts (/ad) are all approved by the Union IC. You are not allowed to make profane, or rebellious advertisements due to the nature of Combine censorship.
    [11] Larger weaponry (SMG+) must be described in your description, unless concealed.

    [Section 3: Conduct rules]

    It is not the business of the staff team as to what you are doing in your own time. That being said, what we find out can, and will be used in our judgement as to whether you are trusted to remain in the servers.

    [1] If we hear that you have used malicious hacks in any form, we will be investigating the legitimacy of your character's progress.
    [2] If you go to other servers with the purpose of causing chaos, or promoting CC's own servers, you will be harshly punished.
    [3] If you brag about getting banned elsewhere, we will investigate you for similar occurrences.
    [4] If you go to other servers with the intention of throwing CC's name in the trash, you will be banned.

    By playing the CombineControl servers, you agree to play the servers under these rules. You accept that an administrator may ban you for any reason they see fit, whilst we will provide a fair, and equal platform for you to appeal such a decision. You agree that any rules that do not adhere with your moral code will be bought to the suggestions forum, instead of breaking/bending them.
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