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  • Dues Lo Medio v2

    Year of birth : 14.01.1997

    Steam Name : ᛞᛖᚢᛋ ᚹᚢᛚᛏ

    Steam ID : Left

    Character(s') name:
    Daniel Ostergaard, Katharine Murphy, Jackkorino (Antlion) and many WIP.

    How many hours have you played so far in our server?:
    2 years now.

    Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If you did then explain what have you done there?
    Only CC, and everything on CC

    What kind of roleplaying did you experience?
    Like stated above, everything. Pain, OW, CP, Synth, Vort, Antlion etc etc.

    I'm experienced with...(Mark with Red color)

    1)Graphic Designing
    2)Sound Production
    3)Video Editing

    Why do you want to become a member in the media team?

    I always liked the idea of Media Team and I was a part of it once, had a lot of projects done, more half of the CombineControl Wallpaper projects and I was the Media Team Leader, and generally I really enjoy making wallpapers and etc.

    Why should we choose you to become a member in the media team?

    My work was appreciated by players and some staff, although I have been in very bad terms with Staff Members lately, I always saw Media Team something apart from CC, a job and a hobby for me. And It will stay like that.

    Do you agree to the site policy(The answer must be either yes or no)?

    Do you agree that you are not staff member in any other competing server(The answer must be either yes or no)?

    Do you agree according to your IP address that you're not going take advantage of community servers (Combine Control, CombineControl), the answer must be yes or no :

    Is there any other way to make contact with you besides using Steam? :
    Добро пожаловать вСталинград.
    Впереди вас ожидает величайший момент вашей жизни.

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    You just got back, and I don't want to accept you because of the last thing you did on the CC discord.
    You can apply again in a month.