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    Originally posted by eroconnhd. View Post
    Nice the wipe is right on my birthday. A nice present I guess.
    Happy Early Wipe day. Clean the toilets after.


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      Originally posted by LolMan View Post
      That being said, there is some exciting news regarding the server lore. Although not much is confirmed, we will be moving to a Post-HL2 Roleplay setting, staged in the last corner of Union Occupation, after a long, successful uprising. The main premise will be set around a recently liberated Resistance group, helping with the final push. We will explore rural, coastal, and even urban settings. There is also a possibility to have events set in the final urban centres controlled by the Union.

      We will be having new content, so expect an update to the content pack.
      Might be my only reason to return. But meeh ( Moonlight1 ) I'll be banned shortly after I return
      Добро пожаловать вСталинград.
      Впереди вас ожидает величайший момент вашей жизни.


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        Originally posted by Strickland View Post

        Might be my only reason to return. But meeh ( Moonlight1 ) I'll be banned shortly after I return
        come back, or do not come back. Please stop trying to throw stabs at people for no fucking reason lol.
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        Please PM me on the forums, or through Discord if you require assistance.


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          I am actually pretty happy with where this is going. I missed the CC server. If you guys need help with anything regarding the transition to the new lore just let me know.


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            Looks like Im pretty pumped for this. Was ages since I RPed on CC. This fresh start might actually be a smart move. If there is any help needed regarding posing or lore I will gladly help.

            PS: I should really somehow get someone to change this cringy name of mine.


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              let us do this gang


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                fuck time to farm ccp


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                  Can hardly wait!