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  • Jack's written apology - months later

    So uh, here it is. Jackround12353's quick, overdue and meaningful apology to the CombineControl community and especially the staff team.

    Let us start with a simple, " I'm sorry. "~ the least I could say now; I think it was many months ago I had sort of a " mental breakdown " towards both the staff and community that resulted in my permaban. I betrayed the players and staff-team over a simple flag removal and I admit my own mistakes and foolishness in those moments. I acted out of anger really, and I'm not going to make some bullshit excuse about how my " mother died " or " depression " to compensate for it. It was my own mistakes, and I deserved every punishment I got for them.

    I'm not going to write some Shakespearean performance; I don't have time for it. I just hope you all understand that I'm sorry for my actions, and hopefully I can leave CC on a good note with both the staff and community.

    Cheers for the good times.

    - true rebal

    ( and uh, if someone could change my signature it'd be nice )
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    I for one appreciate the apology.

    I guess we all learn from our mistakes. It's important that you do learn from this, though, in particular.

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      You were pretty much the one that got me into chasing cool gear as a rebel, and an eow suit, and 11 perma bans later, can't say it wasn't a fun run with every player i've played with in the rebel faction. You were a real one, respectable, and have fun.

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        Originally posted by Jackround12353 View Post

        - true rebal
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