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  • Respond here if you're interested in the event.

    You've probably seen the event teasers, and more will come.

    I am not going to give any details of the event, although it'll be huge. Probably the biggest we've ever had, lasting multiple days.

    I do need you to let me know if you're interested, by replying here.
    I am not going to run this event if we have barely any people being interested.

    Please let me know.

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    High Management Staff Member

    Please PM me on the forums, or through Discord if you require assistance.


    Hugo Duckman, Leader of the Lambda Resistance

    Jarrod Barnes, Vox Populi Member

    Harry Thompson, Commander's assistant

    Jason Williams, President of Haven

    Chris White, Civil Worker's Union

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    Well...Of course i'm interested in this, i really look forward to playing this.


    • #3
      + interested too


      • #4
        Been looking forward to finding out what the event is about since the first teaser! So of course im interested!


        • #5
          Sorry I am late, only saw announcement today. I am interested though.


          • #6
            Yeah pretty much interested.


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              Mayne I am in 100%, We haven't had a good event in a few months.


              • #8
                Should be down for it, check your dms a sec lorry man


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                  The event is going to be about the return of the Jyo Da dynasty. He will come back to take revenge on these rebel scum, eating and killing all of them in the process to retake his role as the ONE TRUE VORT.