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  • Rogue Civil Protection Unit Authorisation

    I believe my CP unit should go rogue, due to multiple events of being a unit from the past and from different cities.

    Basically, when he was in UNION he had a SO who he hated and thought awful of. The SO would give out edgy codenames to his units, and he thought that was stupid.
    The SO later confronts him, arguing with him for a short while, and literally says in front of his face ''Your codename isn't going to be good, Union.''.
    Obviously he didn't like this, nor did he want it.

    Later on, he was informed the SO had disappeared after fighting a recruit, so he took this opportunity to get out and hope to never see the unit's face again.

    So, he spent some time planning a escape.

    His plan was fairly simple, but straight forward. He would go on-duty, radio in and say he is going on patrol, regular duties. As he patrols, he will eventually head to the Construction Zone, and go to the sewers, running as far out as possible.

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    I'm not sure that I really like this.

    An argument in the CCA? That's no reason to flee to the Outlands.
    And the SO is gone anyway. Why would it still be a problem?
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