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  • Crafting bug

    Steam name : Frosty Munkles

    Steam ID (steamfinder.com) : STEAM_0:0:155807331

    Explain the bug : When you have Gunpowder or metal fragments(Maybe both not sure when it started) the crafting menu when you try to use a crafting bench, it will be blank while you get script errors, but without the crafting bench you don't experience the errors. I did a bit of testing and it seems to happen when you have both metal fragments and a large amount of gunpowder (For the least amount of MF's I had was 10 and least amount of gunpowder was 25)

    Picture : Steam Community :: Screenshot

    Console picture(if not related with errors leave blank) : Steam Community :: Screenshot

    Date and time of experiencing the bug : 3/1/19 around 6:50 PM EST
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