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  • Important Notice!

    Attention, all Lambda personal.

    As of the 25th of Febuary, 2042, all Xenian creatures (with the exception of Vortigaunts) will be banned from entering White Forest bunker. Any Xenians that are brought on site will be swiftly evicted, or treated like a security breach.

    The use of Xenian creatures is still accepted, although bringing them to White Forest will not be tolerated.

    Please leave any questions you may have.

    -Hugo Duckman
    High Management Staff Member

    Please PM me on the forums, or through Discord if you require assistance.


    Hugo Duckman, Leader of the Lambda Resistance

    Jarrod Barnes, Vox Populi Member

    Harry Thompson, Commander's assistant

    Jason Williams, President of Haven

    Chris White, Civil Worker's Union