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  • Victor King

    Name: Victor King

    Nationality: Inuit russian and american

    Status: Alive, Citizenship.

    Current Affiliations: Citizens of City Seventeen

    Past affiliations: businesses, Various gangs, family.

    Basic description: 5’9, Seems around 38 years old, no facial hair, buzz cut brown hair, brown eyes, he has various scars and tattoos on his body, the only visible one’s are a scar on his wrist and a tattoo of a skull on his right back hand.

    Wearing: He usually wears the standard blue city seventeen citizen jumpsuit, but it’s dirtier than most. For shoes he has dirty and worn brown dress shoes. He also has a suitcase provided by the CCA upon being relocated to City Seventeen and a bag.

    Things he generally has on him: Trash, credits and a glass bottle.

    Personality: Victor is generally calm and usually an extrovert, he like’s selling things and is generous from time to time., he’s also fairly hopeful.

    Survivalist mentality: He does what he can to survive, even if it means to commit crimes.

    Goals: Run a restaurant and live a better life, whether it be in or out of the city.

    Current occupation(s) - He’s a trash digger, although he tries to abide by the rules he can be seen digging through dumpsters occasionally making him smell like garbage.

    As a side job he typically asks Civil Workers for work.

    Past occupations(s) - He was at one point a hunter that sold the animal pelts he got at markets.

    His main job was a restaurant owner in Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America.

    Likes: Food, restaurants, wilderness, ‘Tame’ Resistance.

    Neutral: CWU, non abusive Combine Civil Authority units, cities.

    Hates: Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm, Abusive CCA units, aliens.

    Friends: A certain UNION Squad Unit who let him off with a warning and tends to give him work.

    Enemies: Though he doesn’t know his name, he dislikes a certain CW because he was ratted out by him.

    Hobbies: Writing, reading and cooking.

    Professions and abilities:
    He has a good ability in selling things | He’s a decent aim | Has basic knowledge with blade and hand to hand combat techniques | He has basic medical knowledge | He has basic Mechanical knowledge | Speaks english fluently, knows a few words of russian and spanish | He seems to be lucky, but also unlucky as his rations contain more credits but a lot less food. | Good with electrical systems |

    Current story: For what he’s done in City Seventeen is simple, his first time he helped in the reconstruction while his second time he actively searches for work or investors for his shop. As a side job he searches through the trash for recycling

    Backstory: Born in A rural town in Alaska, United States of America to a tribe of russian and Inuit ancestry. He started off his early years getting home schooled and hunting. During his time as a hunter he learned how to track animals, tell what animals are in the area and how to field dress a dead animal. When he moved out of his parents house he moved closer to Anchorage, Alaska and started hunting there, selling the pelts and meats he didnt use in Anchorage markets. Soon enough he amassed an amount of money and set up a restaurant in Anchorage where he sold things he hunted, but also sold things like bone charms, wood carvings and pelts. Eventually after a few deals he sold the store and moved to Seattle and set up another shop. This shop didn’t go as well as the other one and he was left bankrupt and homeless. So, he resorted to crime that he normally wouldn’t do joining up with a drug trafficking group in the Northern U.S and canada, he helped with multiple deals and sold a lot. He stuck with this group till the seven hour war. But before the Seven Hour War, he did various deals but never killed anyone. During a few of these deals he almost got caught and he eventually left the first gang, wandering around the U.S north before joining with a mexican cartel that operated somewhere in the mid west. In this cartel, he did things ranging from murder to drug trafficking. Most of his job’s we’re drug trafficking and arms trafficking but he was forced to murder a few people during this period. The time he got caught was during a time he was attempting to do a human trafficking operation from New Mexico to Mexico. During the operation he and two other cartel members we’re caught by a U.S Border Patrol group and faced trials, the other cartel members not being a U.S Citizen we’re sent to a mexican prison while he was sent to a prison in California. During this time of his twenty year sentence, he joined a prison gang and was apart of a few riots, he also got various tattoos on his back and scars on his chest as of results due to fighting in the prison. During his fourth year he and a few other prisoners, Adrian a murderer, David a drugs dealer and Damien also a murderer planned an escape from the prison using a staged riot as cover. After around a year of plotting and the gaining of three new members James a rapist and Alex a car thief, and finally, Nathaniel a crook cop who was bribed by the group, the plan was set as the Riot started Nathaniel went to a security van parked near the groups escape route, James David and Damien took one route of dug out and connected tunnels while the rest took separate one’s. They all arrived in the same location and got into the Van as the riot started to stop. In the van there was a change of clothes and some weapons. The escape went smoothly and they we’re at the outskirts when a squad of S.W.A.T units and other police units found their location and a gunfight was engaged. James was killed during the gunfight, this is the reason behind when he see’s people get shot he’ll occasionally remark saying “Just like James.” and another one, Damien was injured and left behind. Nathaniel was posed as a hostage so he was left as well. During their retreat into the wilderness, Victor got skimmed by a bullet on his thigh giving him the scar there. They retreated pretty far, getting into Arizona the group would go their separate ways. David visited his family, and Adrian went with Victor. During their time together Victor and Adrian got fake identities and left for Mexico where they joined up with a cartel where they did various drug and arms deals. Eventually they and a few others participated in a bank robbery and recruitment. During the portal storms inbetween 2001-2010 he robbed many stores but also helped fight against the creatures protecting towns and villages he was at if they were attacked and had heavy cartel influence in it. During these many engagements with portal storms he started calling Antlions ‘Scarabs’ and headcrabs ‘Locusts’, vortiguants we’re named ‘ET’s’ and so on. During the Seven Hour War he hid in an underground tunnel in Mexico city, after the seven hour war he was assigned to City Eight where he stayed selling goods to citizens out of a shop and working for the CCA, though he disliked the occupiers, he tolerated them knowing resistance was futile and went about an almost crime free life. The lambda uprising in 2030 was a turning point for Victor even though they didn’t win, a free state rose up in America and that was proof enough that they could be beat. He was relocated to Industrial Seventeen in order to rebuild it, during the rebuilding he stocked up small amounts of supplies but it was soon raided and he wasn’t caught. After the rebuilding he was relocated back to City Eight, where he started doing more criminal activites such as turning blind eye’s to anti civil activity, putting contraband in places the resistance or other criminals could waltz in and find it and do what they wish. He started giving criminals discounts while loyalists were forced to pay more. For cleaners he hired people he knew we’re rebels but smart ones who werent found out and they were given a wage as to help them earn money. He gave food to the poor and spread propaganda secretly. His new criminal activities grew larger, with muggings an murders of Civil Workers and known spies in the rebellion being somewhat commonplace. After various act’s of loyalism getting him better rations, more privileges and more income from the rations he started secretly sharing some food with criminals. Following more acts of loyalism he was given the choice to relocate to Industrial Seventeen which he took, leaving a large sum of his credits behind for the resistance in City Eight. Now in Industrial Seventeen he’s more careful, not committing any crimes putting on a loyalist facade while gathering information by listening to citizen, civil worker and Civil Protection conversations. But now in City Seventeen he plans on taking a more radicalist approach with the resistance by actually joining a group. But for now, he’s just plotting making notes on units, people and locations.