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  • [Suggestion] Weapon upgrade & ammo overhaul

    This is a fairly large suggestion concerning the way weapons are upgraded, and the way ammunition works in your inventory. I've been playing a bunch of the Resident Evil 2 remake, so of course this is heavily inspired by it.

    Weapon upgrades: More unique and immersive

    The old Mk. II system was not the most ideal system, but it worked for a long time. Now, though, I think it's time to re-do weapon upgrades in a way that is more engaging and unique per weapon. This means changing the existing Mk. II weapons (or removing them). Whatever improved stats the old Mk. II guns offered can be removed.

    Weapons should not just be more accurate or deal more damage from upgrades. Instead, I think they should receive specific upgrades via parts. The specific items needed to upgrade weapons should be rare, and perhaps only found in mini-events and some Combine supplies. A crafting option to remove an upgrade could also be added.

    I don't have ideas for all of the weapons, but here is what I do have. I apologize in advance for the potentially lackluster descriptions. Any of this could changed, too.

    .357 Magnum upgrade: Speedloader

    Reloading a revolver is very slow without a speedloader, as you would need to insert every bullet one by one. For balancing, I think the .357 should reload very slowly in its base form. This could take as much as 6 seconds, which should also be taken into account during combat RP.

    A speedloader is a special clip holder that lets you place the bullets on it to have it ready to instantly load into the revolver (just like the Spy in Team Fortress 2, who visibly uses one). If you use the crafting menu (no workbench required) to add a speedloader to your .357, you will IC use that speedloader to reload much faster (regular HL2 reload speed). The Combine should supply revolvers with the speedloader pre-prepared.
    With the speedloader applied, the upgraded gun should be renamed to ".357 Magnum w/ Speedloader"

    Speedloader item model: models/props_lab/box01a.mdl (a small box)
    Description: A boxed speedloader for a revolver. This would let you prepare your bullets to reload a lot quicker.

    Combine Standard Issue Sidearm and Glock 18 upgrade: Extended mag

    Simple enough. An extended magazine for pistols is a classic.

    The extended mag could up the USP or Glock to 30 or 33 rounds per magazine. If the standard pistol is renamed to "USP Match", their upgraded names would be "USP Match w/ Extended Mag" and "Glock 18 w/ Extended Mag"

    Extended pistol magazines item model: models/props_junk/cardboard_box004a.mdl (another small box)
    Description: A box of empty extended magazines made to fit a pistol. They could hold 30 (33?) bullets each.

    SPAS-12 upgrade: Stock

    Also fairly simply. Adding a stock to the shotgun should ideally make it much easier to control recoil. In RP, it could be made reasonable to fire more than once in a turn when you have this much control.

    With the stock attached, the SPAS-12 should have very little recoil, and could also fire faster as long as it is possible to add. Overwatch and Civil Protection should be given the gun with the stock pre-attached.
    The upgraded title could be "SPAS-12 w/ Stock". The regular version should also be renamed to "SPAS-12" instead of "SPAS-12 Shotgun".

    Shotgun stock item model: models/props_junk/cardboard_box004a.mdl (the saaaame box)
    Description: A boxed stock for a shotgun. This would help to control the recoil of the gun.

    MP7 upgrade: Grenade launcher

    Well, here it is. The missing feature I know plenty of people have hoped to see. Adding an underbarrel grenade launcher to the SMG and allowing it to fire grenades would add a lot of emergency firepower to rebels.

    As with some other upgrades of this kind, the grenade launcher should be very rare. The grenades themselves could also be quite pricy, though they should be able to be found in crates as well. Because of the potential destruction a grenade launcher can cause, the Combine should not offer this upgrade to their units.
    The upgraded weapon could be named "MP7 w/ Grenade Launcher". The normal SMG should also be renamed to "MP7".

    NOTE: The grenade entity fired is named grenade_ar2 (more info in link)

    Grenade round item model: models/items/ar2_grenade.mdl
    Description: An explosive projectile made to be fired with a grenade launcher.

    Underbarrel grenade launcher item model: models/props_junk/cardboard_box004a.mdl (you guessed it, same box again)
    Description: A box containing a small grenade launcher. Seems like it could fit on an SMG.

    Extra thought: Maybe launchers could also be used to upgrade the M4 and the AK-47?

    AR2 upgrade: Energy ball launcher

    So, ever since the AR2's alt fire was added, it has been restricted to the elite Overwatch soldiers without allowing players to use it. If we add the upgrade function as a rare item, I think it'd be fair to be able to get this powerful alt fire.

    Of course, the energy balls themselves would also be quite rare to obtain. They could be limited to raiding Combine armories, or an extremely rare drop from ammo crates. Elite Overwatch should have this upgraded variant of the AR2 as their weapon, but other soldiers (and any AR2-equipped Civil Protection units) should no longer have the upgraded variant.
    The upgraded AR2 could be titled "AR2 w/ Dark Energy"

    AR2 dark energy upgrade item model: models/props_combine/breenlight.mdl
    Description: A pristine module for the Combine AR2 that would allow it to fire deadly dark energy balls.

    Ammunition overhaul: Micromanagement and unloading

    CC has had wonky ammo for a long time, and it has made it difficult to do exactly what you'd want with ammunition management. This is a more complex system, but would hopefully allow for more freedom.

    Individual, but stacked bullets

    Firstly, instead of keeping fully loaded magazines in your inventory, ammunition should be counted bullet-by-bullet. This means instead of one "Pistol Magazine", you would have 18 pistol bullets. Bullets should still have the model of an ammo box or a magazine, however. You should be able to reload a weapon at any time with the amount of bullets needed to fill the mag (or just the amount you have, if you don't have enough).

    Dropping and picking up stacks

    To make items more convenient, dropping bullets should be unique done via stacks of them. When you try to drop ammunition, the inventory should ask you how many you wish to drop. The amount you drop will then be as one entity, which is all picked up at the same time. For example, if you choose to drop 30 pistol rounds, it will drop one box set to contain 30 bullets. Picking up this box gives you 30 bullets.

    Combine armories, rebel ammo dealers, and supply crates should be updated to give set amounts of ammo at once. I suggest making them the normal size of a magazine.
    Alternatively, there could be an option to choose how many bullets you want to buy/take from the dealer or armory.

    Unloading weapons

    Thanks to bullets being individual, the option to empty bullets from your loaded guns could be added. This would empty the magazine and return the bullets from the gun to your inventory, so you can use them elsewhere. For example, you can unload your Glock with 5 bullets so you can use those 5 bullets for your standard pistol.

    If you remove a weapon from your inventory (by dropping it, giving it, destroying it, crafting it into something else, etc) the bullets should automatically be taken out.
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    Sir, that is a fine suggestion.
    If something like this would be implemented, it would actually fix one of the real problems, and would almost...
    make me come back to CC. Oh wait, I am banned, nevermind. Honestly, someone is finally working to get the issues that need to be fixed fixed.
    Kontrλxt.exe has stopped working
    Restarting Kontrλxt.exe
    If I don't get into two arguments with staff, and if they don't say its my last chance, per day, well you know its a bad day.



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      Good suggestion, would require a bit of coding, but the MK II system is something I'm not going to miss if this gets implemented.
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        I’d like to see this, very much so. Coding would be hard- but hey, this looks like a nice system. Outside of attachments, one could add in receivers and different barrels- on and on. Lots of possibilities with this.