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  • Mentor Application - ICUP

    Year of birth:

    Steam Name:

    Steam ID:

    Character(s) name:

    Matthew Patterson, Wesley Marshall, Grace Gardner, Alexandria Hawkins

    How many hours have you played so far in our server?::

    According to the achievements board, it says I have 7432 Hours but I don't have that much

    Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If you did then explain what have you done there?:
    I've played on a SeriousRP before and it was another Combine Control server. I've become a Combine on that server and a normal citizen.

    What kind of roleplaying did you experience?:

    Passive Roleplaying

    Citizen Roleplaying

    Combine Roleplaying

    Why do you want to become a mentor in our server?:

    On weekdays though, the server tends to not have a lot of people on. One way I can fix it is by having more people on the server. Of course, people would be new and not know much. I could teach those people how to play. I like to help others with roleplay.

    Why should we choose you to become a mentor?:

    I am very active. I get on the server almost every day. I don't plan to leave CC soon and I hope I will never leave CC. I will continue to support the server in any way I can.

    What will you do if a player you are mentoring is uncooperative?:

    One solution is to ask for help, whether it's an admin or another mentor, they can assist me with the uncooperative individual.

    Give us a detailed description of fearRP, painRP, and their effects:

    FearRP is the fear of death or losing something. Your character is fearing those and you must make decisions that help your character. For example, if you are held up at gunpoint, you won't run away. If your character's eyes, they might get shot if you run.

    PainRP: PainRP is if you are hurt in one or more parts of your body, you are acting out that pain like you would in real life. For example, if you were shot in the leg, you wouldn't really be able to run. Instead, you might collapse in pain or crawl with your hands.

    What is Passive Roleplay, and what is its purpose?: Passive Roleplay is when you use /me or /it for environmental purposes. You use it to enhance the atmosphere of the game.

    Show us 3 long /me commands, for use in passive scenarios:
    1. /me leans against the wall with a neutral face and pulls out a letter from family. He starts to read it and slowly becomes emotional.
    2. /me turns and sits on the steps. He turns his face down and sighs in exhaustion.
    3. /me leans against the railing and puts his hand over the railing. He pulls out a cigar, lights it, and puts it in his mouth.
    Show us 3 long /it commands, for use in passive scenarios:
    1. /it You notice a foul smell. Blood is splattered all over the place, covering the wall and ceiling. The blood is dry.
    2. /it The gate seems to be locked from the other side. The gate is impenetrable and can't be unlocked from your side.
    3. /it There's a used ration on the floor, giving out a nice and pleasant smell of beans. All the contents of the ration is taken.

    Do you agree to the site policy(The answer must be either yes or no)? YES

    Do you agree according to your IP address that you're not going take advantage of community servers (Combine Control, [url=""][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Link), the answer must be yes or no: YES

    Punishment history records screenshot (Take from here: CombineControl Account Management):

    Ban History
    Ban history is empty.
    Ban History

    Kick History
    Kick history is empty.

    Is there any other way to make contact with you besides using Steam?: Discord
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    Sorry, but this is denied for now. Around the same time uploading this application, you asked if someone sells ammunition through PMs. Although you will not actively be punished for it, it does show that you are not up to date with the rules. Unless of course it was intentional.

    Your application, although well written in terms of grammar is not very detailed. I suggest you apply again in a month or two. I do believe you could be a good mentor, provided you are actually aware of every rule.

    Thread is closed.
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