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  • "Please wait"

    I'm pretty confused here, I keep getting spammed with the message [ERROR] gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_think.lua:32: attempt to call method 'SQLThink' (a nil value)
    1. unknown - gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_think.lua:32 in console as there is a "Please wait..." screen. I know this screen and I have waited for quite a bit. I went in to the "sv_think" file and basically understood nothing. If you know something about code in CC, here it is:
    function GM:Think()

    for _, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do

    self:SpeedThink( v );
    self:ConsciousThink( v );
    self:HungerThink( v );
    self:AdminThink( v );
    self:PrisonThink( v );
    self:AFKThink( v );
    self:APCThink( v );

    if( v.Inventory ) then

    for _, n in pairs( v.Inventory ) do

    if( GAMEMODE:GetItemByID( n ) and GAMEMODE:GetItemByID( n ).Think ) then

    GAMEMODE:GetItemByID( n ).Think( n, v );






    If you find something wrong in it please tell how to fix it.
    It is spaced out as you would think it would be. Opened in notepad (info just in case )
    EDIT: I have found a solution to it, I put a _ right before theGM:Think(), but now I have unlocked another problem.

    Couldn't include file 'includes\modules\mysqloo.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_sql.lua (line 5))

    [ERROR] gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_sql.lua:5: Module not found!
    1. require - [C]:-1
    2. unknown - gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_sql.lua:5
    3. include - [C]:-1
    4. unknown - gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/init.lua:44

    [ERROR] gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_think.lua:1: attempt to index global '_GM' (a nil value)
    1. unknown - gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/sv_think.lua:1
    2. include - [C]:-1
    3. unknown - gamemodes/combinecontrol/gamemode/init.lua:45

    Again, if you find something wrong please tell me how to fix it.
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    Are you trying to run CombineControl on your own server?

    This community is for our servers specifically, and uses Chen's heavily customized version of the gamemode. The mode itself belongs to Disseminate, so you should ask him if you have issues with it.


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      I'm using this thing, Just a moment...
      Is this Chen's heavily customized version too?
      Also, how can I contact Disseminate?


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        Originally posted by bernardex1 View Post
        I'm using this thing, Just a moment...
        Is this Chen's heavily customized version too?
        Also, how can I contact Disseminate?
        What you are using is run on a site run by the same people who made and is probably full of backdoors]
        Moreover, this is not related to our servers and the thread will be closed