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  • Kiera Staples

    kiera staples

    "the resistance's... rebel?"

    government name: Kiera Staples

    age: 34

    nationality: Serbian-American

    prior occupations pre-war: Butcher

    prior occupations post-war: Revenants Co-Founder/Leader

    current occupation: free-agent

    key events in her life: entire timeline of the Revenants, hunting down Outcasts, Jules Soho

    Revenants: The Revenants came to be from three Resistance members, Jules Soho, James White, and Rick Owens. Being fed up with the norms and the way the Resistance in general seemed to be headed, they set off on a venture to try and set their own path, that being the Revenants. Rick Owens shortly died after establishing the group, with Kiera taking his place.

    After a few days of Kiera stepping in, James 'RPG Guy' White had vanished, leaving the group in the hands of Kiera and Jules, both of which led the group to unpredicted highs and lows, but all that really mattered in the end is that they stuck to their own personal morals and beliefs throughout all the idiocracy, militaristic views, and pressure thrown onto them from the Resistance.


    weight: 56 kg

    height: 5'8"

    body condition: although Kiera might appear as quite slim, the constant task of running, driving, and fighting that she tends to lead herself into helps her maintain a toned and ready body. Throughout the years of being an active lass in the Outlands, regularly touring through toxic waste fields, Kiera's been left with quite the scarred lower half of her body.

    hair and eyes: her hair is usually unkept and uncut, hidden by either her gasmask or beret just to make things easier for her. Her eyes are usually kept wide open, letting people gaze into her blue eyes

    voice and behavior: Kiera's voice varies from time to time. Sometimes she's very lighthearted and speaks as if she was telling you a lullaby, other times she'll curse you out in a deep, unfeminine, and unsettling tone coming from a... female, letting her true Serbian side lash out on the opposition.

    Being an almost polar opposite to Jules, Kiera tends to be very hotheaded and ready to jump into any sort of problem or altercation that might concern her, even if it might lead to her being in very unfavored situations. However there's also another side, where she's charitable, kind, and humble to most she speaks too, not really letting people get a full grasp on who she really is, or anything deeper than initial opinions on her.

    clothing style: as time passes on, she's moved from constantly wanting to wear the best and most masculine clothing, to geniunely not caring what she wears, as long as it's either comfortable, or protective to keep her alive. Usually either sporting heavy, worn out OTA vest's, paired with thickly coated, heavy duty cargo pants tucked into some old, worn out pairs of knock off Doc Martens, not favorable for the amount of running she does.

    Opinions and Thoughts

    - dislike -- neutral -- respect -

    Jules Soho

    really, what else can be said about Jules Soho, they both have spent practically their entire time post-war together, causing mayhem and letting everyone possible express themselves and to feel accepted in a hate-fueled Resistance, although that hate-fueled Resistance is seemingly long gone, despite the small remains of it spread throughout the current Resistance.


    although she doesn't know much about the group, it's managed to peak her interest.


    the reason she became who she is now is all thanks to this group. Although it's changed dramatically over the years, she still has a large amount of distaste from the past and is having a hard time giving it up.


    although many years have passed since this irrelevant group has gone extinct, she will still have little to no hesitation in mopping the floor with anyone who represents them.


    despite the fact that she hasn't been going directly out of her way to hunt them down, as stopping them has been a long gone cause for her, she still has it in her mind that something needs to be done about them, since they're the reason she and the rest of humanity is in this entire mess.


    the thing that made her even relevant in the first place will always have a large place in her heart, despite that, she hates the stigma that it's brought upon her and her colleagues, and despises what it's been taken for by outsiders, causing her to hate her own creation.
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