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    Originally posted by TheLolVlog View Post

    It is a punishment if you do care about scripts (which a lot of people in fact do).

    Saying "you are not fit to roleplay, bye" for not wanting months of character development flushed down the drain is really not going to achieve anything other than whittle the playerbase down completely. If this isn't a solution, why enforce it? People are more than welcome to wipe all of their characters and start again.

    I'm completely for reforms of everything, including basics such as how the factions should function (if exist at all). I just think there's a much easier way to achieve these goals rather than submitting everyone to a full character wipe.
    Again, all I want is a fresher experience, and in my opinion, the only way to bring a fresh experience to the server is through an entire revamp of everything, starting from the bottom up. The only reason I mentioned those problems is because it would suit a stable City with a minimal Resistance presence, hence why I would remove a majority of the BMD items since it makes no sense as to why they would have OTA Vests and a huge arsenal of weapons if the CCA are granted only SMG's and 9mm Pistols. I'm not saying that this is a gateway to fix all of the problems the server has, in fact, I don't even think that these are problems currently (they are kind of but still), I'm just saying that if we remove a lot of these factors it might make for a more enjoyable roleplaying experience, since there's just two or three general main ideas in place, and off of that the community can build off of it.

    As for what you said about "months of character development". Come on. People on this server have YEARS of character development, you're trying to tell me that they're not bored of doing the same shit with the same characters? Of course there's things that pop up like Vox Populi, which was extremely innovative and done very well and honestly brought me the most enjoyable rp on the server that I've had in years, but again, that only pops up every once and while then dies out, then everyone has to wait for months on end until some sort of passive rp movement happens, and honestly that can't keep people entertained for the foreseeable future, especially when the server has no direction whatsoever. Hell, refer to what Pico said, people can keep their character names if they REALLY want to, but honestly the server just needs a change like I've been saying in almost all of my replies to this post.

    And honestly in my opinion this reset could do the exact OPPOSITE of what you're saying (killing off the playerbase), if promoted, presented, and executed correctly, this could be a fantastic opportunity for new players to come to the server and to see what it offers. People are here for the community and the roleplay, not the scripts, ESPECIALLY with the playerbase we currently have, which are probably the most dedicated I've seen in a while.

    Again, this reset idea is NOT meant to be a platform in which it's main focus is to fix the problems on the server, it's to bring a fresh experience and to keep the server interesting for most. Of course we could always change the map, change the CCA, change BMD items, change every fucking thing your heart desires, but that's not what I'm looking for at all. I've just been playing on the server for so long now and I constantly see the same patterns being played out but everyone without any experimentation being done to keep it the players interested, and what better way to keep the players interested than to introduce a bunch of new ideas in a new setting that people have to genuinely work towards, not get on their rebel that they've had for years to just buy whatever new gun or new car or apply for whatever new flag there is. Ask the majority and they'll more than likely be in favor of this because I can guarantee that I'm not the only one bored of where the server has been.

    If you really want to see what people think, leave it up to the community to decide through a public vote. I think this is much more in the hands of the community all together rather than only the staff team, or only the content team, or only the veteran players, or whoever else.
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      Originally posted by Burps.exe View Post
      Keeping it simple is the charm of HL2RP.
      Absolutely, I remember the times when we used to survive in canals, barricaded inside a building, got a microweave, some tea and just generally had a good time.
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      If I don't get into two arguments with staff, and if they don't say its my last chance, per day, well you know its a bad day.



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        an idea that should've been implemented a long long time ago

        for the people saying it'll drive away players, aren't there an average 2-3 players on the server? you ain't got an active playerbase to drive away. if anything, this would attracted new players and make the server fun again (just like the tnb scripts update).

        i know id come back and play if the server had a full, clean reset.

        honestly, this could very likely bring forward a new golden age for cc, even if that is temporary. atleast it's better than a barren wasteland of a server.