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  • Project- Language Trade

    Language Trade

    Vortigaunts posses somewhat near human-level intelligence, we could harness that and make an attempt to learn their language while we teach them theirs.


    1) Action Teaching

    1.A) An Actor with the said action written on a table will make the action, with the word matching the action will be present on a board.
    -Reason: To show the Vortigaunt what is the said action means in English

    1.B)After the action is done Vortigaunt will be shown examples of the said action used in various scenarios
    -Reason: to show the Vortigaunt when or where is the action used.

    1.C) After the said Process is done audio sample will be given to the Specimen
    -Reason: In an attempt to familiarize the Vortigaunt with English.

    2) Object Teaching

    [Should be in Check of several guards During session]

    2.A) Said Object will be shown In Real life, or through Visual Presentation
    -Reason: to Familiarize the Vortigaunt with the object

    2.B) Object will be used by a human in a proper way to show it's usage or Through Visual Presentation
    -Reason: To show the object's usage and when it's used.

    3.B) Object will be given to Specimen.
    Reason: By letting the Vortigaunt use the provided tool, Vortigaunt will attempt to use the tool, therefore showing progress.

    To fully Learn Vortigaunt's Language while teaching English to the Vortigaunts in order to create (or attempt) relations with the species.


    Requesting Permission and one colleague to help me
    White Board
    Biology Division, examination Room access.
    One Vortigaunt

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  • #2
    Permission granted. Gather the required resources from the storage room and seek me out in the facility to receive security detail and a live specimen.

    - Jason Fletcher, Security Sector Manager.

    //I'm not sure if I got the clearance IC to approve a project as the head of security, but just for the sake of RP on a server that isn't doing so well, I will.