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  • (Event) The game.

    Event Name: The game.
    Event description: 4 (or more) people's are invited to what is called a "fun competition" inside the dive bar, most of the person there were forced to come, other people's really though it was some sort of competition, when everyone is inside the bar a white gas comes out and make everyone fall unconscious, when they'll wake up they will find eachother in a strange room, and everyone is tied to a chain, those 4 (or more) persons will all have some sort of trap on their head that will activate in a hour and destroy their skull, killing them, unless they all cooperate, they will have to find a key with various clues, and at the end they will find out that they key was surgically planted in one of their arms, of course, only one person will have the key, which mean that they'll have to throw it to someone else when their done. That key will both open the chains and the trap on their head, setting them free.
    Pictures: None?
    What event type is it: it's an event about cooperation beetwen the players.
    Should there be death: yeah, but not PKs or something, NLR at least
    How should it work?: an admin (100 im presuming) will OOC check the scenario, and give the clues to the player, (example: "there's a different brick under Chris, inside it, there's a letter with some japanese lookin' words" in this case, Chris should throw the paper at Ayaka so she can read what it says)
    Which server? (City, Canals, Outland?) City

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    The SAW movie in a nutshell, also it's a pretty nice post for my 900th post yes.