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  • player report

    Your Steam ID (Optional):im gonna be lazy and say that it's to my right

    The reported player's Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:119862866
    The Reported player's in-game name(chars) - If it was a CP, what was his CID: Thomas reckless
    Is this player is a regular player or a staff member?:he's part of the mentor team.
    What actions did he perform?: abusing the fact that i crashed, and a vort who was with me, quitted because he though i was gone, basically FailRP
    What was your reaction to it: i told him that i wouldn't RP unless the vort was on.
    Photo/Video that proves your claim against him: Dave c: can prove it.

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    I'm not backing you up, I was there too, with intent to attack you, which was what lead you onto saying 'failrp' and then leaving. You asked me to teleport you to the Outpost after you crashed, I specifically asked you if you meant here, you said yes. We were there before you reconnected, so chance was that you were in the same place as us. Had you not crashed, we would have encountered you anyway. We have valid reasons to want you dead, and just saying 'i'm not rping without the vort' is essentially just LTARP.


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      I would have reacted about the fact that you were coming. And the vort would have reacted too.


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        Nomercy, you're not allowed to leave during RP. During the span of the crash and you rejoining, your character and vort IC could've said good bye to each other and went away. That was NOT abuse of your crash. Because of that, Footless won't be punished, but you will

        Report is DENIED.

        Thread is closed.