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  • Adrian Gallagher - Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (H.E.C.U)

    Character theme:

    Combat theme:

    Operation Tango-Sierra-Charlie:

    Character Picture:

    Name: Adrian Gallagher
    Callsign: Eagle One
    Occupation: U.S Marine Corps
    Designation: Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (H.E.C.U)
    Rank: Recruit
    Affiliation: U.S Government
    Race: Caucasian
    D.O.B: 14.03.1999
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair type: Short
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 6FT
    Weight: 187 lbs
    Body type: Ectomorph
    Physical Disabilities: N/A

    Psychological status: Green
    Character traits: Quiet, conservative, focused, convicted.
    Psychological Dissabilities: A mild case of introvert.

    Personality Allignment: Caring, honest, self-less.
    Preffered Religion: Agnostic
    Hobbies/Interests: He tends to take good care of the weaponry he's assigned with, but he isn't really talkative.

    Wanted Dead | Extremely Disliked | Disliked | Neutral | Friendly | Honored | Revered | Exalted | Compassionate | Sibling | Loved |

    Kevin Johnson - Neutral/Honored
    "To be frankly honest, yeah, he is the drill sergeant that got me around the H.E.C.U training in the first place and basically taught me anything there is to know as a recruit, but eh... that's pretty much it, I owe him a lot for training someone like me at least."

    [Ask in the comments below to be added to this section with your character name and what did we do in order for me to add you easily.]

    Adrian was no one but a mere failure of a human being after he has spent 12 years in high school until one point the final exam arrived which would be the gateway to the university of engineering he so wished for until then, but he was struck when he failed the first session of it and only succeeded in one out of three stages on the exam. He was going to prepare for the second one as well, rehearsing all of those physics and math formulas in order to pass the exam itself, but once the exam days arrived with him feeling prepared and everything, he hasn't found the location of the exams anywhere on the Internet, but only the time he was supposed to arrive there, so he took a guess that the second session of the exam would happen in the same high school as the first, so he ventured there alongside another unfortunate exam taker only to find out that the high school building was designated for renovation, so he and the other guy went to the other high school that also was a possible location of the exam, only to be met with a piece of paper plastered onto the glass window of the entrance with the actual location for it. That utterly destroyed his spirit for that day as he was too late to even arrive at the exam, less likely to even attend to it, but he had the knowledge of arriving at the next date, which was the 28th of August, the previous being 26th.

    As the 28th grew ever closer, the more the hype became his own undoing as once again he wasn't able to attend to it due to the friend that was supposed to pick him up didn't do his job as intended, thus leaving him behind. Now that completely shattered his spirit of ever taking the exam again and went straight to some sort of a depression that's gone for about two years, enough for him to enroll into the military the moment he saw a poster on a wall. However he had to visit the Black Mesa facility, in which he moved from Romania to the US to be able to take part of the said tour.

    He arrived around the Black Mesa Research Facility complex, taking quite a way from the underground parking lot's exit all the way to the entrance of the facility itself, he was taking quite a stroll really... however he was met with an orange jumpsuit individual that proceeded in taking him into a tour around the facility, in which he only seemed to have seen a fraction of the facility also the orange jumpsuit man was actually part of the maintenance team and he seemed to have left behind the poor Adrian in Sector D, administration office or known as the break room, which he had to take the tram towards Sector A alone, but not until he was met with a retinal scanner that basically made his salvation towards the surface obsolete, remaining stuck in the stocking area about a whole day before he was met with one of the H.E.C.U grunts that coincidentally met Adrian, in which Adrian briefed the soldier about the little tour he had around the facility and how it ended up, so he called another guy in named "Hawkins" and then the soldier went on his way deeper into the facility, prompting Adrian to have patience until Hawkins arrived and that he did, waited for this "Hawkins" he mentioned on the radio.

    The moment another scientist arrived at scene, Adrian immediately asked the person if he was called Hawkins, in which the scientist confirmed that he was doctor Hawkins, leader of the Survey Team in the Black Mesa Research Facility and he offered Adrian a tour of the facility, a proper one even, in which Adrian agreed, probably foreshadowing the events that's about to happen later on... He was escorted by Dr. Hawkins around the facility starting with Sector C and ending up with Sector D, nothing special about them both except for Sector D which ended abruptly with Hawkins assigning another member of the science team to give me the rest of the tour around the facility. Adrian was simply too reluctant to disagree with such an offer as the lady herself agreed to the proposition, he simply followed along with her as he found out that her name's Merry Crymarol, Research and Development branch scientist.

    All seemed well and normal up until both him and her have found a carcass, a dead body of what seemed to have been a person in a BMSF vest and overall uniform which had some sort of a creature attached to its head, the corpse had its jaw wide open, rotten, their claws seeming one foot long each... a scene horrific enough to make Adrian sick, almost sick enough to let it all out on the floor he was on up until Dr. Crymarol saw the thing too, she recognized the thing attached to that corpse's head as a "specimen" and had no idea what was that in the first place, almost not even fazed with the current situation. That little scenario quickly escalated once another security guard came to be and asked both Adrian and Merry to get out of the sector the moment the guard encountered the corpse inside the power room of the break room. Screams echoed along the walls of the complex leaving Adrian with a sense of trying to rescue the poor guard, but he had to face reality head-on and continue fleeing with the lady doctor. Frankly, the specimens that have taken control of the guard were about to come to both him and Merry, but thankfully these specimen weren't intelligent enough to be able to open the motion detection doors and were simply banging their head against the glass window of the door, looking at both him and her like a predator would to their prey.

    These specimens seems to have spread across the entirety of the facility, taking over most of the security staff that has attended that day and got quickly controlled by those parasitic specimens that he so wanted to kill, but had no viable way of doing so... By the time him and her got into the tram to escape the horrible sector they were in, they were transported on time to sector B, the security sector of the research facility as they came up to the guard guarding the entrance to it at the moment to inform them about the breach they witnessed, only to be met with a calm response as if they had experienced it before. Adrian connected two and two together as he realized that this facility isn't an ordinary one, but one that researches alien species and finding out more about them. He and Merry have witnessed the previous security guard getting attacked by one of those specimens again up until they'll see the poor guard getting mauled to death by the zombie. Adrian went inside with the intention of grabbing the pistol, but he rushed to Merry instead in hopes of getting her into the tram and flee to Sector A, not long after that horrible experience in sector B, they met an H.E.C.U grunt firing away on the Sector C catwalk towards the abominations that both Adrian and Merry were so familiar with. The grunt has gone into the tram and essentially secured both of the unarmed people as they witnessed that even the Sector A loading docks was overrun by those things... only for them to retreat back to Sector B and get secured in one of the security cells in there, the grunt leaving the office and proceeding to clear the threat out.

    After a long while, the grunt returned to the office he left the two in, assuring them that those zombies are now taken care of and now Adrian was finally able to leave the facility he was left in a whole day and the other experiencing the horrid figures walking slowly towards him. Merry actually gave Adrian the suggestion of actually joining the H.E.C.U for the bravery he went through up until then, even the grunt himself agreed with that as previously Adrian sort of whined about him having a loaded pistol to bust those zombies away from them, which only gave Adrian the motivation of applying for the H.E.C.U at one point after thinking about it intensively, up until he decided to just do it and wait for the results.

    Shortly after getting into the H.E.C.U, Adrian has now a new path opened for him, a path that won't only be a bumpy road, but it'll be one of how to better himself only for the sake of his squad mates, the corp and the U.S citizens by learning all there is about the H.E.C.U as a recruit and slowly advance through the ranks slowly as time progresses and commendations being earned during his incoming duty.
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