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  • CE - Second HECU Recruit application.

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:332914

    Steam name: [DEFN] Hangman

    Character name: James Hangman

    How long have you played on the server?: Joined sense 2015 so long enough.

    What roleplay have you experienced on the server?: OTA ex-leader of it, Antlion, Zombie, G-man, Vortigaunt.

    Who are the HECU, what are they part of, and what do they do?: HECU affiliation to USMC (the United States Marine Corps) special task force the USA trained to deal any dangerous environment and unconventional hostile such as Xen creatures and contain control over black mesa facility if anything goes wrong as an example of Black Mesa Incident when scientist team informs to Gordon of their orders.

    The HECU never saw often unless they're doing operation if any special events in black mesa facility or standing post guarding surface of black mesa or training in the military base of in-door and hazardous combat for black mesa.

    What did the HECU do in the original Half-Life, and should you do the same?: HECU in Half-Life dispatched in to cover up black mesa incident from as nothing happened but not only killing even gathering intel from most important members of the science team for interrogation, later on killing them even tried kill freeman and stop invasion by defending against Xen invasion however it failed as they're overrun and outnumbered by invasion.

    Doing the same I'd for fun roleplay experience as to bring up little back memory of half-life game but would IC disagree as killing fellow humans wouldn't be right but would fear and follow orders but this not just kill for fun it's to give players a fun experience what if they were in half-life situation with HECU.

    What is your character's backstory, and how did they join the HECU?: James Hangman after high school graduate spending years on training sport keeping up with bit of strength but had plans of joining military but the unsure so he went through marines training 12 weeks as most hard work keeping all training test's given to his life order to become the soldier the USA, needs after standing 3 years of service a special pick best of best from Marine corps to become specialized unit trained into HECU starting from recruit prepare send more training and do anything for USMC special forces in Santiago Military Base a new freshman for job that may turn dark of the story.

    Explain the following roleplay terms

    What does "IC" mean?: In Character which is in roleplay when you acting with your character by talking to other characters.

    What does "OOC" mean?: Out Of Character which is when you're not acting with your character and talking to everyone in chat.

    What does "Bunnyhopping" mean?: A person rapidly jumping.

    Gives us an example of bunnyhopping: Rapidly jumping order to get game to gain more speed even sometimes used to avoid getting hits.

    What does "Random Deathmatch" mean?: Randomly killing a person for no roleplay reason.

    Give us an example of Random Deathmatch: HECU member starts to kill fellow HECU without actual roleplay reason.

    What do "S2K", "S2RP", and "rolling" mean?: S2K Stands for Shoot 2 kill which is just shooting at players as soon in sight.

    S2RP Is shoot to roleplay which you roleplay order to shot than just shooting on sight.

    Rolling is used to making a dice on the situation you may lose or win which is randomized.

    What does "Metagame" mean?: The metagame is using advantages that you haven't gain information about or learned.

    Give us three examples of metagame:

    Asking OOC where your friend is and gain location where off he is and travels over to the location he responds in OOC.

    Saying people's name first time meeting them without they said their name.

    Opening hidden walls without actual having information or demonstration of how to open it.

    Fill out the following requests

    Show us 3 uses of the /me command:

    /me Slowly lays his firearm on to the ground and lays down to the ground with hands up.

    /me Raises his firearm aiming towards multiple eyes creature and pulls the trigger.

    /me Puts his right knee down to the ground and starts examine person wounds.

    Show us 3 uses of the /it command:

    /it As you examine the person’s right knee its cut badly bleeding severely.

    /it As soon door open you hear the loud noise of server fans spinning.

    /it Engine starts to start up but suddenly in few seconds engine turns off.
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