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  • Referral Contest (Early access to BMRP)

    Hey everyone!

    We're hosting a referral competition. We will be picking the top 5 people to refer the most players, and giving them early access to Black Mesa RP.
    We require a minimum of 5 referrals to be valid. Those who refer above 10 will be guaranteed access regardless.

    As a bonus, whoever refers the most people, will receive a diamond package. They must refer a minimum of 20, however.

    Anyone who cheats in any way, for example by tricking new players into setting them as their referrer (we will be checking) will be instantly disqualified.

    Good luck!
    -CombineControl High Management
    High Management Staff Member

    Please PM me on the forums, or through Discord if you require assistance.


    Hugo Duckman, Leader of the Lambda Resistance

    Jarrod Barnes, Vox Populi Member

    Harry Thompson, Commander's assistant

    Jason Williams, President of Haven

    Chris White, Civil Worker's Union

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    Shadow would use his alts.
    He is banned tho.
    Be like Shadow.
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    Kontrλxt.exe has stopped working
    Restarting Kontrλxt.exe
    If I don't get into two arguments with staff, and if they don't say its my last chance, per day, well you know its a bad day.


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      Originally posted by KontraxTcz2886 View Post
      Be like Shadow.
      ​​​​​​Be like Shadow and get banned?

      The Story of Hansel & Gretel wouldn't be the last time
      That Germans pushed people into ovens


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        Originally posted by Strickland View Post
        ​​​​​​Be like Shadow and get banned?
        Former Staff Member

        I exist or something