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  • Thanks everyone

    Hiya, its me

    I left a while ago and realized i didn't even say goodbye to anyone. So here i am.

    My CC experience was seriously the best. I never had that much fun in GMod. I remember how i used to sit through my classes and plan my CC stuff once i get home
    Whenever i scroll through the "screenshots" folder i get very emotional, i guess old times can never be brought back

    I wanted to thank everyone for an amazing experience and loads of fun i had. I met a tons of new friends and i'd like to thank them all for making me truly happy

    Everything has changed, and i dont seem to enjoy roleplaying in general anymore, i dont blame any of you

    I dont know if i caused anyone any trouble while playing, and even if i did, then im sorry. CC has taught me a lot.
    I improved my English while roleplaying, which is goddamn cool.

    Thanks for the best Staff Team and other fellow players, i cant tag everyone, there are so many... I love you all. Big thanks to Serious.Dan for being my guide and a good friend. Thanks to Picodreng and Pentagram for checking my apps. Thanks to Vexeer and CCA in general, and thanks to all the rebels out there.

    Keep the server alive and keep roleplaying

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    Wholesome as fuck, good luck out there my dude.


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      Mention 2 gypsyies but not your old pal Clarence fucking Strickland...


      Jk I still love you. No homo, maybe a bit...
      Добро пожаловать вСталинград.
      Впереди вас ожидает величайший момент вашей жизни.


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        Gypsies < Germans.
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          Originally posted by Migu24 View Post
          Gypsies Germans
          Gypsies < Germans immigrants to Turkey
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            Originally posted by Vexeer View Post
            Gypsies < Germans immigrants to Turkey
            Objectively false.