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  • City 54 disaster.

    Hey, CombineControl players!
    Join CombineControl's Event server on Friday for an upcoming event; Chaos 54
    You can expect it to begin between 18:00 - 4 days
    Zone time: GMT 0
    Date: 24.08.2018
    Good luck, folks!

    Note: The server needs at least 15 players on (for the event to start.)

    Event organizers: Strickland

    Briefing of the event: An accident in City 54 has occurred late at night, in which an accidental shelling within the city region has turned most of the population into zombies. Both the CCA and Resistance members of City 54 requested help from their comrades in City 8 in order to safeguard the remaining population and decontaminate the region. People in City 54 have limited supplies, so the reinforcements team has to bring supplies including ammunition, food, drink and clothes. Who knows what kind of danger awaits them in City 54...

    If you have any questions, comment them here and they will be answered as soon as possible!

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    Eh, map ?
    Kontrλxt.exe has stopped working
    Restarting Kontrλxt.exe
    If I don't get into two arguments with staff, and if they don't say its my last chance, per day, well you know its a bad day.



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      Originally posted by KontraxTcz2886 View Post
      Eh, map ?
      Great map btw.
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