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  • Join CombineControl's City server today for an upcoming event

    Hey, CombineControl players!
    Join CombineControl's City server today for an upcoming event; City infection
    You can expect it to begin between 18:30 - 19:30
    Zone time: UTC 0
    Date: 17/08/2018
    Good luck, folks!

    Note: The server needs at least 15-20 players on (for the event to start.)

    Event organizers: TheLolVlog , @100

    Briefing of the event: Due to a communication error, combine shells were misfired into unknown parts, causing zombies to spawn within the city.

    If you have any questions, comment them here and they will be answered as soon as possible!

    Join the servers ---> CombineControl Servers

    The City: steam://connect/s1.combinecontrol.com:26543
    The Outlands: steam://connect/s1.combinecontrol.com:26565
    Olympus member, Fullstack developer of CombineControl.
    Forum : www.CombineControl.com/forum

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