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  • City 8 Lore?

    So I downloaded this new City 8 map and I love it, it feels different. The only thing I don't like about it is the location of the ration dispensers, being inconveniently behind a forcefield. Besides this, it feels open and generally Lore-friendly.

    However, this had me asking what exactly the lore of this map coiuld possibly pertain to. This question may have been posed before on here, but I was unable to find it. When I asked in game someone gave me a link, but I lost it before I was able to paste it into my browser.

    So I took it upon myself to try and do some research. City 8 | Half-Life Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia says that City 8 is connected to City 17 by the railway, meaning they would be relatively close; both in eastern europe. But the wiki also describes the map City 8, saying that it takes place in Tokyo, Japan. These two details obviously conflict in the sense of lore. And I'm quite frankly confused as to which detail we are supposed to be observing in game...?

    Another small detail is around the map you see both Kanji (Japanese) and Hangul (Korean) writing. I thought this may have simply been a stylistic approach, but is it also a possibility that this map takes place in a region that historically housed both ethnic groups?


    Excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, it's late and this was bugging me.

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    So here's the deal with City 8:

    The Half-Life wiki is a load of shit. If you want real, non-theory info, use Combine Overwiki. The Half-Life wiki is poorer and uses a lot of unconfirmed or fan-made info.

    The City 8 map we used was created to be located in Tokyo, simply enough. In order to fit into our "lore" concerning the rebel presence in City 17 and the outlands, we opted to change the location of City 8 to be closer to City 17, explaining how a guerilla faction can move between them efficiently. The lore can be found here.