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  • [Announcement] CombineControl is searching for team members! 11/08/2018

    We're always looking for players who are willing to join our teams and improve the server. If you want to help CombineControl to have better moderation and content, check out what we're looking for below.
    While we hope these teams are joined out of passion, we do also offer CCP rewards for your contributions.

    We are offering five slots in every group. Note that being in one team does not prevent you from joining any other team.

    Mentor team
    The mentor team is responsible for welcoming new players and relaying all there is to know about quality roleplay and rules. If you'd like to show others the finer details of good roleplay, you're welcome to join and be the guide new players need.

    Additionally, the staff team requires a contribution to the mentor team. Do keep that in mind if you want to be an admin.

    Staff team
    We need good administration to have a good server. Admins are responsible for knowing and enforcing the rules of the server, and it will require some thoughtful cooperation with the team as a whole. This is not a means of obtaining power or privileges, as these things are always monitored and not taken lightly.

    The staff team also includes an event team sub-section. Once you have joined the staff team, you can apply to take part in the creation and management of events to keep the servers interesting.

    As mentioned above, you need to have been part of the mentor team for a month before you can apply to join the staff team. This is a safety measure.

    Content team
    Do you like to write lore stories and flesh out the background? The content team is about all things writing, which includes lore threads, official guides, in-game books, and more. These can be quite simple, but very beneficial tasks.

    Help to create the rich and engaging lore you've always wanted from the Half-Life universe.

    Media team
    The media team are for all kinds of media to promote CombineControl, which includes screenshots, video tutorials, and custom sounds. If you have talent with the necessary tools, we would appreciate your help in creating original content to display what CombineControl offers.

    Map development team
    We can all dream of the perfect roleplay maps, but some have the potential to make them a reality. If you're passionate about the Hammer Editor and would like to help us build a custom map, you're welcome to try your hand at it. Unfortunately, the team currently lacks leadership and organization.