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  • CombineControl V2.26 released!

    Hey players, we have released the CombineControl version 2.26 update to all of our servers!

    We're still looking into new functionality and quality-of-life fixes to improve things that are already on the server. This means we've been going over models, sounds, animations, entities and LUA to see what we could improve.

    As usual, these updates have been applied over time as they were finished, and many of these functions have been on the main servers for some time after the previous update.

    Below is the changelist:

    New functionality:
    1. Added a search function for the CWU roster. All Combine rosters can now quickly search for specific members.
    2. Flags with unusual amounts of health now have different maximum health levels, which means the HUD will display it correctly and you can be healed properly.
    3. Added an option for Xenians (including Vortigaunts) to eat uncooked gib items.
    4. Removed the rebel base's secret doors in the city.
    5. Made the city's map-spawned trashbin and dumpster props lootable.
    6. Frag grenades now use the original Half-Life 2 entity, which gives them their effects and sounds.
    7. Added new crafting recipes tied to pickaxes and scrap metal.
    Quality-of-life fixes:
    1. Removed the obnoxious impact sound from falling Hunters.
    2. All advertisements have been removed from the chat so you can focus on playing. See the F3 menu's ticker option for updates.
    3. Added coin slot sounds for using various dispensers in the city.
    4. Updated the rebel zombie-hunting missions to count all types of zombies.
    5. Replaced every zombie NPC spawn in the outlands, now with zombine NPCs.
    6. Added more possible drops from zombie NPCs, based on their type.
    7. Certain flags with context menu sounds now have more compact lists, along with more total sounds.
    8. Updated the models of flashbangs and smoke grenades to use CSS models.
    9. Fixed the viewmodels of CSS weapons to use Garry's Mod hands.
    10. Added an option to automatically close any gamemode menus when pausing the game.
    11. Lowered the respawn delay to 10 seconds.
    12. Buffed the damage of Hunter flechettes.
    13. Re-added the Combine-themed Hunter titles.
    14. Off-duty Civil Protection units will now show up as citizens on the scoreboard.
    15. Removed the red tint HUD effect from zombies, headcrabs, and elite Overwatch.
    16. Nerfed the hunger sating of headcrab gibs.
    17. Lowered the weight of pickaxes.
    18. Drastically shortened the Breencast welcome speech to fit any city.
    Bug fixes:
    1. Fixed a bug where Combine units couldn't see old waypoints until a new one appeared.
    2. Removed the zombification mechanic, thus fixing the extremely high gravity glitch that forced people to reconnect.
    3. Fixed a bug where many weapons did not show bullet tracers or bullet holes.
    4. Fixed the skins of Overwatch soldiers to apply correctly instead of using your citizen skin number.
    5. Corrected a number of broken or missing Civil Protection animations.
    6. Fixed the spawn positions of off-duty Combine units.
    7. Fixed a bug where switching away from a GMan character would cause you to have no weapons on the next character.
    If you want to make a suggestion for the next update, you can create a post in the Suggestions subforum and discuss it with other members of the community. You may also find an integrated suggestions system by pressing the F10 key on the servers.
    To visit the forum suggestions, see: Suggestions - CombineControl forum

    CombineControl needs the help of its players to stay alive and pay for its runtime.
    If CombineControl does not get any income, it is impossible to pay the fees of both the game servers and the website.
    Anyone can help support the server with any donation.
    By donating to the server, you help to ensure that it will remain alive and open.
    You can get various rewards both in-game and on the forums depending on the package you choose.

    CombineControl Forum Contribution

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    Give us an overall feedback thread if you'd like to state your opinion on the server! It only takes a few minutes of your time and will not be overlooked -----> Feedback Form - CombineControl forum

    You can earn extra CCP for the server for posting a character profile about any of your characters! ---> Get 1.5 CCP for posting your character profile! - CombineControl forum
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