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  • Combine mindhack.

    so today i was going trough the Gmod workshop and then i saw this Steam Workshop :: Combine MindHacks tell me if this is not the way since that in CC lore combines managed to bio lock their weapon i find it cool that they could create these too! this could be a new purchasable flag, or things like that. i suggest it for the server!

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      Oh god NO.


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        big no-no from anyone that has been in any roleplay server.
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          I have seen the mod and even tested it. Apparently it destroys the brain and takes control, definitely NO.

          I don't believe this mod was intended for roleplay, but rather for fun.
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            I'm going to say the obvious thing other people didn't do yet:
            This is basically a fucking dupe. It's not an original model; it's an amalgamation of other models in places they do not fit.
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              Why would you want this
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                All hail Plankton?
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                  Originally posted by Nomercyguy32

                  i came back to this post just to laugh at that image, your a fucking genius. Thread is closed
                  Welp, you got yourself yoinked for some mad necroposting.

                  I hope the laugh was worth it.

                  Thread is closed.
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