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  • 2nd Report on Pico of the day

    Your Steam ID (Optional):
    The reported player's Steam ID: Tbh, idk, and I don't know how much time I have
    The Reported player's in-game name(chars) - If it was a CP, what was his CID: Wasn't on a char afaik
    What actions did he perform?: First inv-wipe for no reason, then PK for no (valid) reason, clearly commiting meta and using OOC means to do IC things and vice-versa
    Explained Version:
    After not wanting to go to canals after being dragged out of an actual RP session by staff team marching in base with OTA yelling "MTV Cribs" or smth similar, we had a quick discussion about it (My char had no ammo, no rockets and no real motive to expose herself to danger in the canals) I was kicked and my char appearantly transported to coast with inv-wipe, which I wasn't aware of until I got on my char eventually, staff not even bothering to inform me that my char was inv-wiped. Then I decided to argue against my inv-wipe, not being given any real/clear/valid/explained reason for it, instead staff refused to elaborate any further (which to me seems like an attempt to hide their injustice by not having to explain it) and told me to shut up or get IDPK'd. So, without any explanation IC as to why tf suddenly all my gear was gone, I made up a bullshit reason for it and went on to try and obtain gear, only using the excuse so I atleast had an answer to the question "where did all your gear go." As soon as I arrived at the warehouse, I realised that essentially everyone infront of me was out to kill me and that I was completely unarmed (For no good IC reason) but I was relieved when I realised that none of them knew anything about Julie besides her name, personality and appearance in armor. They then asked quite sneaky questions (most of which were quite clear attempts at meta) that you would usually not ask unless you were out to get a certain kind of information ("Who are you sending a message to" being a clear indication to try and get my allegiance/friends which could be an indicator to who my char was) and then Kyle claimed he had seen my face even though my char has never removed her mask IC except for on one occasion, when Kyle wasn't even online. Appearantly staff members backed him up (Note: Can I have evidence to Kyle seeing Julie's face please?) and most of them wanted my char PK'd (Hamb: Julie killing Leo, Jackround: Choji hating Julie etc.) and then suddenly I got killed by Pico with an AWM. This PK alone goes against all rules in CC about PK, since no indentifcation was on (especially not from wherever Pico shot me) and there was no reason for Pico's rebel char (I assume it is that Theo guy) to kill me. To me this also seems like a clearly organized PK among staff, or atleast biased against me when given the opportunity to PK my char.

    If anything about this is unclear, please ask me and I will -gladly- elaborate it.

    What was your reaction to it: quite mad
    Photo/Video that proves your claim against him: Altho I'm sure Pico won't deny it, I'll just send logs

    Screenshot - ce9420051f2b0af5ceb5a4570cf03043 - Gyazo
    (will get logs of the PK thing in a sec)
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    I got to say one thing, I don't like Toan, I don't like his char, I don't like the way he RPs or does things, but one thing must be said, this whole thing was a bit stupid, not on the rebel's side, I'm pretty sure they had their reasons and ways of finding out that the lady was indeed Jullie, I think the problem is how the sniper just shot Toan and bang PK, maybe you did a /me, but didn't let anyone know, not an /event, nothing, I personally think the CCA in question shouldn't have intervened in the situation and just let the rebels do their thing.

    PS: I do not think the player in question should be banned, but, perhaps, have the PK removed and the situation re-done.


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      Making a report instead of an appeal is not permitted.
      More false accusations, too.

      You made a promised to improve yourself after your other permanent ban. You were warned. You couldn't improve yourself.
      Thead is closed.