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  • [Guide] Industrial 17 locations guide

    This guide lists and describes the important locations within the Industrial 17 city map.
    For the sake of exploration and IC knowledge, not every location is fully described.

    Map overview

    Industrial 17 comes with a custom-made genuine map. It is recommended that you stop by the various map stands or boards throughout the map to get your bearings. This map displays the official titles of various streets and structures within the map.

    Documents street

    Upon exiting the trainstation spawn area, you will find yourself in a small T-junction designated as the Documents street. The only other building connected to this street is the Arrivals offices, which serves as the Civil Workers' Union offices. You should be able to stop by the lobby to ask any questions you may have.

    Go south to enter the Collations, or north to enter the Requisitions.

    Collations street

    Going south on the Documents street brings you to the Collations, which is the plaza of the map. Here, you will find apartment block A in the Terminal Hotel, as well as a number of businesses for citizens to make use of. As the plaza of the city, it is a hotspot for citizens, offering both housing and purchasable business property to interact with other citizens. Don't forget to stop by the CWU-owned clinic if you are in need of medical attention.

    Take note that there are Combine catwalks located around the city, including the plaza. These catwalks are used for easy travel and to keep watch over the citizens below.

    At the end of the street are two entrances into the C17 MP, AKA Nexus, one of which is its lobby. Going up to the raised portion of the street outside the Nexus brings you to the Distribution street.

    Distribution street

    The Distribution street is a small path from the Collations to the Assembly street. It houses the Ration Distribution Center, which allows you to collect a free supply of food when it is open. It also houses Warehouse 3, where citizens may be put to work in order to prepare new rations. Next to the warehouse is an off-limits elevator straight to the catwalks, though you may be more interested in the few extra purcasable stores on the street.

    Continue past a checkpoint to enter the Assembly street.

    Requisitions street

    Returning to the Documents street, going north will take you to the Requisitions street. It is a single, long road lined with purchasable stores, together with the 2-in-one Warehouse 4/5, where citizens can take on passive work for credits. An alleyway loops around the back of the buildings, and there are plenty of waste containers to loot in the area, provided the Combine do not spot you.

    At the end of the Requisitions is another intersection, either taking you south to the Collations or continuing west to the Assembly street.

    Assembly street

    The Assembly street is, as its name implies, an assembled living area for the citizen population. It houses apartment blocks B and D in the Metropol and Diordna buildings, respectively. You will also find the theater to the north, and the Disposals near the south.

    Above the Assembly is an active train track, overlaid by a catwalk for Combine use. On the catwalks is apartment block C for loyalists. Be careful not to get run over if you go exploring.

    The assembly is quite large, which connects it to Distribution, Requisitions, Fabrication, and the construction yard. To the south is a road tunnel to the Shell Beach, though it is usually sealed off to prevent antlion attacks.

    Fabrication street

    A shady alleyway along the side of Diordna. It is home to the Grizzly Grotto, which tends to be the best place to go and relax without worrying about the Combine. The alley also houses the 2122 apartments, a second entrance to the Disposals, a store selling to the construction yard, and an auxiliary Combine depot.

    The Fabrication street is connected to the Assembly and the construction yard.

    Construction yard

    The city's construction yard serves as its slums, which houses most citizens who collect too many verdict points. It has several unfinished apartment buildings, a playground, and 2 purchasable stores. Life in the construction yard can be harsh, but it offers many lootable trash containers. The site is overlooked by the block D and block C rooftops, which you can climb up to if you fancy some parkour.

    The construction yard is accessed from the Assembly and Fabrication, but it also has several paths into the underground sewers, so be aware.

    Underground sewers

    Below the city are numerous dark tunnels, which are part of its sewer systems. The Combine do not patrol here often, so those with breathing equipment to withstand the toxic atmosphere may go there for shelter from the city above. The Resistance has a number of hangouts hidden within the sewers, where they can rally and plan attacks against the Combine. It is also connected to the Shell Beach and the canals server.

    Shell Beach

    Beyond the city walls lies a remote beach, simply known as Shell Beach. It is a former dock, and still has a container ship and several fishing boats halted within it. Shell Beach has become dangerous to wander through, as antlions and other alien denizens have taken up residence within it, and are threatening to seep into the sewers and road tunnels.

    The Cybercafe

    Deep within the sewers, you may come across a rather dated establishment known as the Cybercafe. Here, a number of old arcade machines line its main room, and there is a good old meeting room in the back for shadier business. Sometimes you may hear the joyful arcade sounds from a certain shady surface establishment, but any connection remains to be seen.

    Secret hideouts

    The reason why the Resistance can remain so active within the city is thanks to its covert guerilla operations. Throughout the city are numerous secret escape routes, some of which lead to hidden bases ripe for illegal activities. If you wish to defy the Combine, one of your first moves should be to find a more well-informed comrade who can introduce you to such a hideout.

    Rebel base

    Most important among all the secret hideouts is the main rebel base within Industrial 17. Somewhere in the sewers, curiosity may pay off as you find yourself within a well-hidden outpost, complete with recreational rooms and a detainment area. The base has its own escape route to the surface, but it should not be used lightly. If this base was to fall, it would be a large blow to the Resistance.

    Combine Nexus

    The Nexus, located in the C17 MP building, is the headquarters of the Combine and their Overwatch divisions within the industrial sector. Both Overwatch and the Civil Authority operate out of this massive building, and it is nigh impossible to gain access without being an official member of the Universal Union.

    From the Collations, you may enter its lobby for civilian purposes. Here, you can request assistance or send your private letters to the city's administrator. However, the Nexus has many other secured entrances, including the sewers and catwalks.

    There are countless facilities inside the Nexus, including barracks, a training area, and a medbay. As you go higher within the Nexus, you enter more restricted areas which eventually take you to the administrator's office. As you go lower, however, you will come across its detainment area, which includes interrogation and execution facilities for unruly prisoners. A functional pod system connects the detainment area to the Collations, Fabrication aux. depot, and the administrator's office.

    You can access the city catwalks within the Nexus, which allows you to keep watch over the Collations and Assembly. All entrances and exits are secured blast doors, meaning you would require serious breaching tools to force your way inside, which would also alert the Combine in the process. Should you ever make it inside a Combine building, however, you may be fortunate enough to find high-grade weaponry and other equipment.

    Watch yourself in City 17. It doesn't matter if you resist, or if you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. A dystopia is everything but fair, and one wrong move may be the last thing in your life.
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