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  • Guide to deeper roleplay


    There isn't a lot of guides for not just basic RP, but for advanced RP too. I want to write this guide for not just new players, but also for more advanced players, who wants to move further in RP.

    This guide is split into a two parts.

    Part 1. Inside the Player's Mind

    1. Why try?

    Do you see there's a bunch of players? Do you think you're just one of many? Don't. Every player's character is still a personality, and if you want to be renown in the community - don't be like everyone. No, it doesn't mean that you should be fascist psycho who takes pills. But pay attention to small details of your character, and RP well, and you won't be considered "thatanotherplayer". Also, don't use cliches in your character's personality.

    Cliches examples:

    1. You're roleplaying your own temper. You're acting like yourself, even thinking like yourself. You won't be much known, as you're another player.

    2. Very cool guy/A billion strength. Welp, you're just a minge/a newbie.

    3. Copying characters from anime/movies/books/TV series, etc. You just like them. And think it would be nice to RP as them. It wouldn't.

    4. An evil psycho-killer. You like RPing, but you think that no one should be in your way. You're a maniac. You'll probably die soon enough. (Or be banned, because you won't get much guns in the city)

    2. I always want to be a winner.

    Don't think that the meaning of RP is to get the best scripts and 100 stats. RP process is about enjoying the process itself. There's no victory in RP, and there's no actual ending for RP. (Server closing is not an end for it, you can develop characters elsewhere.) And if you try RP really good - then you're definitely won.

    3. I don't like this server at all.

    What's the point then of playing? You're already wasting your lifetime by doing something that you probably don't like (job, school, etc.), so why should you waste it? You don't like the server? Go find another one. You don't like RP? Don't RP then.

    Most of the players are getting attached to their characters and get very mad when they get PKed, and it's normal - some of the characters are very developed/rich or else. And as the staff don't say that it's PK after every death, PK's still happen. But even if you die, there's no point in being mad. As one very wise man said: "It's only a game, why you have to be mad?".

    Part 2. Tips for Players

    Know the basics

    1. RP games are not just relaxation, but also a hobby that you can enjoy. Did you ever see a serious lover of modeling? Their jobs are often so jeweler, detailed, accurate and measured, yeah? But it's not a routine for them, and most of them enjoy their work, and if you like RPing, then you'll probably enjoy RP too.

    2. To ensure good RP you, of course, need to know the lore of the server. You need to know what things can exist within the world of HL2, and what things can't exist. Check the lore for that.

    Be original

    1. Don't use cliches for your characters. (Examples are upper). It's not interesting. But, you can change the cliche for the better. Like, if you're a criminal, try RPing a Robin Hood, mugging only rich rebels and giving out items to civies.

    2. Every character would die eventually. You can get bored from it or your character would be actually deleted. But there's no point going crazy because of it. Death is an eventual part of RP.

    Add depths

    1. Add some depth to your character. Like, if you play a cliche-characters, add some minor details that will differ it from others. A guy who always blinks very fastly, a rebel who always speaks with his SMG before a fight with the combine, a citizen who always tries to take everything that lies on the floor. Think and imagine.

    2. Don't add too many depth. On some other RP server, there was a guy who always ate something. When there was nothing to add, he just typed in /me eats name. Some time after, everyone was angry with him always when he typed that /me.

    Use imagination

    1. So, you're fighting off a criminal civie mugging you in the apartments. The room is soundproofed and no one can hear your screams. But then, after you use some of your imagination, you see a wooden chair in the corner. And then, you typed /me and hit that criminal with a chair.

    2. Look at the objects of the enviroment. You can't use all of them in the RP, of course, but you can make RP more interesting.
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