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  • [Announcement] The Coast Map Locations Guide (rp_tnb_coast)

    The Coast Map Locations Guide

    The entrance and exit of the coast
    This is where you spawn upon entering the coast map, there is also a checkpoint and a landslide for you drivers out there to enjoy a chill drive.

    Abandoned house
    This is the first house structure you'll meet after you've walked or drove down the landslide.

    From the house you can see a watchtower, but in order to get there you either have to drive an airboat, or go around it the old fashioned way.

    Harbour area
    If you've chosen the old fashion way, you'd meet a town-like harbour, this could be used as a refugee camp if you wish.

    Checkpoint for the first part of the coast map
    This is the final part of the first part of the coast, if you manage to pass through it, you'd be met with two roads. If you move ahead, you'll advance to the next part of the coast, but if you take the road to the right, you'll reach the watchtower base.

    Lighthouse Point
    It's pretty self-explanatory given the watchtower presented within the outpost.

    Entrance of the second part of the coast map
    This is the entrance and exit of the second part of the coast map, as you can see, there are two roads again, but one is blocked off or destroyed, which leaves you taking the sand route, which is dangerous on-foot given the heavy antlion presence here. Here's a few locations you can meet along the way.

    Odessa Point
    At last... the Odessa outpost where the famous Gordon Freeman first took down a combine gunship and saved the outpost from the combine threat... if you get past the gate at the bottom of the picture, you'd gain access to a small camp that can also be used as a refugee camp.

    Vortigaunt camp
    If you steer left while facing from the base you'll find a path to a sewage pipe, right next to it is the entrance to a vortigaunt camp that has access to the infamously known "Nova Prospekt", however that isn't part of the map, so cross your fingers for something interesting!

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