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  • CombineControl: Half-Life 2 Roleplay - Server Rules

    CombineControl - Server Rules:
    Please note that many rules have been added for balance and to stop abuse. If you disagree with these rules, we welcome any suggestion.

    A. General rules (for all flags and factions):
    1. [#A5] Talking in global OOC to a group of people at the same area instead of using LOOC is not allowed. Talking in global OOC to a one person instead of using Private Messages (PM) is not allowed either.
    2. [#A6] Do not propblock unless you have a valid RP reason.
    3. [#A8] Do not kill a player who just spawned in the spawn area (Spawn-Killing).
    4. [#A12] Propsufing/Prop climbing is not allowed!
    5. [#A15] Do not break NLR - when you die you are not allowed to return to the location you died at and ICly you cannot remember what happened at your past life thus you cannot revenge your death.
      A. Exceptions: The organizations you're members at.
    6. [#A16] Do not kill another character without a valid reason (RDM).
    7. [#A17] Do not break FearRP, you always have the fear of death.
      Fear Definition: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.
      That means, that you're afraid of the gun/stunbaton and you do not dare to do anything.
      This basicly means that if someone pulls a gun/tazer and point it at you, you can't run or pull out a gun and kill him, you can stand still and obey his orders.
      Think of it as in real life, as if you wouldn't spawn again.
      Summary: If someone points a gun at you, you cannot attack him or run away.
    8. [#A19] Do not metagame. Metagame involves actions such as using info IC which you obtained by OOC means, or sharing vital IC info by OOC means. For example, do not IC call a person by their name without knowing it.
    9. [#A20] The /me command is required for any invisible action you are performing, such as tying a person or equipping an item. Failure to disclose this information to other players is considered powergame.
    10. [#A24] Votes, sales and any form of in-character announcements has to be done through /ad or other specific commands and not through OOC and LOOC.
    11. [#A31] ERP/RRP is outright banned.
    12. [#A35] English is the native language in CombineControl. Do not talk in any other languages, failing to comply will result in a suspension from the Community.
    13. [#A38] Players are not allowed to intervene with staff members affairs as long as it doesn't related to them personally, if for instance another player got banned/kicked/ETC they're not allowed to criticize and to investigate the same staff member for any of these reasons or others that were not mentioned in here.
    14. [#A40] Powergame is not allowed. For example, doing a /me action to insta-kill someone with a non-instant death attack is not allowed. This also applies to interfering with RP combat. If you see players engaged in roleplay-based combat, you are not allowed to S2K them, no matter what distance you are at. Instead, you should do an action (such as firing 3-5 shots or getting closer) whenever you see them do an action themselves.
    15. [#A41] Roleplaying with over-the-top backgrounds, such as a Black Mesa scientist, a personal relative of Gordon Freeman or a celebrity is not allowed.
    16. [#A42] You must have explicit permission from the Roleplay Authorizations sub-forum to roleplay with a military, police or special forces background. This is to prove you can play the role seriously, realistically and accurately, with the correct knowledge. Other roles may also require authorization, if seen fit by staff
    17. [#A43] After a Player Kill, you are not allowed to create a character that had any form of ties to the dead character. The whole "avenging my dead brother" thing is getting old, and we've had enough of it.

    B. Forums:
    1. [#A10] After your application has been approved, you must wait 1 week before making another application. The cooldown for denied applications is 1 day. You may also not have more than one pending application.
    2. [#A36] Every guide in the "Official Guides" is considered completely true, and should be followed like the official rules (such as the guide to combat).
    3. [#A41] Any kind of copy-pasted information in your application may result in an instant denial.
    4. [#G2] Any kind of roleplayed hacking in the forums is banned.
    5. [#C8] The Illegal Discussions Forum is known In Character as "the Assembly".

    C. Legal Flags (Combines/Overwatch Units/Vortigaunt Slaves/Stalkers/City Administrator):
    1. [#B2] The City: You are not allowed to patrol the sewers randomly. However, if there are more rebels (either refugees or armored citizens) than there are normal citizens, you may sweep the sewers to search for them.
    2. [#B3] When any rebel base is raided, it is considered destroyed and relocated In Character. While the location on the map remains the same, the Combine must forget everything they know about it, such as secret entrances.
    3. [#B7] The City: The Combine-citizens ratio should be 1:2, with a higher amount of citizens being optimal. In case of a broken ratio (too many Combine units), the latest unit to flag up should change character. You can check the ratio using the /ratio command.
    4. [#B35] As a scanner, you may not strafe or otherwise try to avoid enemy attacks.
    5. [#B37] Only one scanner should respond to lower-level violations, such as a running citizen.
    6. [#B44] You are not allowed to place forcefields in rebel territory, such as their base.
    7. [#B49] The City: Hunters can flag up in the city, but only during UP/AJ.
    8. [#B50] You must make a thread in the Roleplay Authorizations forum to discuss going rogue as a Civil Protection unit.
    9. [#B51] Waypoints are always to be spoken out loud, as a means to add them. You cannot use them without speaking them into your radio. This rule has created confusion, but the old distress signal command (/vb) was removed for a reason.
    10. [#B52] To create a waypoint, you must have access of your mask, and your Combine PDA.
    11. [#B53] You cannot enlist to the MPF/CWU with the mindset of going rogue.

    D. Illegal Flags (Rebels/Vortigaunts/Medics/Black Market Dealers/Citizens):
    1. [#C17] When kidnapping a Civil Protection unit, the only Combine supplies you may take are 5 rations and 3 ration coins. Taking posters is forbidden. The limit for stolen credits from a CP is 650 credits.
    2. [#C19] Playing a mentally retarded character is allowed. However, you cannot use a mental illness as an excuse to act dumb or defy fearRP/painRP/other rules.
    3. [#C23] Do not kidnap or mug any Combine unit unless there are at least 2 ranked active combine units. You can check with /ratio.
    4. [#C24] As a rebel/criminal/citizen, you are not allowed to mug any other rebel/criminal/citizen for anything else than food and water unless the victim agrees to it OOC.
      Note: Reasons such as "His armor looks nice so I want it" will NOT be considered valid.
    E. Denizen Flags (Headcrabs, Zombies, Antlions, Houndeyes, etc.)
    1. [#E1] Xenian flags are not allowed to enter the city's surface or rebel bases randomly. They may only go to these areas if they are following an enemy, and must leave once they see no other enemies.
    2. [#E2] If a player pulls out a pheromone pod (using a turn in combat), Antlion soldiers and workers must stop attacking the person who has the bugbait.
    3. [#E3] Antlions may be considered "stationed" when near any Antlion spawn, which means they may choose not to follow someone with bugbait. Antlion workers can always choose to deny it by default.
    4. [#E4] When near an Antlion guard, other Antlions may choose to support the guard and attack anyone who has bugbait, as the guard is not fooled by it.
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